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Tito Lívio

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Finishing the Forest Sprite Pack i'll release on Unity's Asset Store and here on Itch.io

From a design standpoint i really like the suggestions about water and weather/seasons.

A river could become the hydraulic supply of the city. I'm thinking about a plumbing system like Sim City, where you place the pipes on underground tiles. Then the player could start the city close to the river, in order to have cheap access for water. But then the player is far away from the mountains at the other side of the map, which would provide cheap eolic energy. Now the player has to build a system to bring the energy from the mountains to the town.

Or the player could start the city near the mountains, but then he would have to build a system to bring the water from the river. It's all about choices and the assessment of their implications.

I also liked the weather and seasons systems, because they can interact with others. For example, in winter the water from the lake freezes, so the efficiency of the hydraulic system is reduced. Then the player has to either build a heat facility of some sort, or build more water stations on the river. Then at summer the water completely evaporates, so in spring and autumn the player have to prepare for summer and winter. I'm thinking about Stardew Valley when it comes to these seasonal "events" or "characteristics".

These came to mind, but i'm sure there are more ways these systems can interact to create interesting gameplay.