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Forest Sprite Pack - Successful on the Unity Asset Store, now on

A topic by Tito Lívio created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 977 Replies: 7
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Forest Sprite Pack is a set of high definition modular forest sprites for your game. 
Available here on and the Unity Asset Store.

Perfect for HD sidescrollers and platformers.  Create countless forest scenarios and levels by combining a selection of hand painted sprites that blend together to form singular terrains.

The package consists of:

- Twenty Two 4K spritesheets; 
- More than 270 high quality hand painted sprites; 
- 25 Interactable Objects with behavior scripts and animations setup. 
- 37 Tree sprites; 
- 21 Rock sprites; 
- 27 Terrain sprites; 
- 86 Vegetation sprites; 
- 26 Background and foreground sprites. 
- 50 Pre-made Background sprites for orthographic parallaxing, friendly for mobile.

All sprites are modular, so they can be mixed and matched to form virtually infinite scenarios with minimal repetition and memory requirements. 

Available here on!


Looks beautiful, nice work.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Just released the fourth upgrade for the package, the Mobile Backgrounds Update, which contains 50 pre-made layers of parallax for backgrounds and sceneries.

The Mobile Backgrounds update adds: 

- Eleven 4K Spritesheets;  

Two sets of Four Backgrounds that tile seamlessly.  

- Each Background set contains Seven layers of parallax. Summing up to more than 50 different background images.

I just released the fifth update for the package, the Hazards and Obstacles update.

It adds:

  • Two playable Demo Scenes;
  • More than 70 sprites containing Hazards and Structures.
  • 25 Interactable Objects with scripts and animations.

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Can I use it in unreal after purchasing from itch?

You'll have access to all spritesheets files, which can be imported into Unreal just like any other image asset.
I won't be able to help with Unreal's pipeline though, but you're free to use these sprites in any engine or medium you'd like.

Thank you