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What about this one? Does this still look blurry? Too dark?

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Done with Krita. Does the ground surface look to dark compared to the vegetation?

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Analytics not playing a rule in ads?  So what your saying is that their isn't a option to view analytics to what new viewers or followers you can to have a ad revenue sharing option similar to gamejolts ad revenue options?

As well as this one.

Similar to this study below? It's hard to see your foliage, looks too small.

Leaves or parts of grass look like is to add more to it. Not to add weeds, or flowers.

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Your grasses just look like blurry brushstrokes, because that's exactly what you've done - you need to refine it and add detail if you want to make it pop, and this is true of any artwork, not just digital drawing.

Even for this image?

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In relation to ad revenue? Does have an option like that?

I was practicing refining my ability to create foliage using krita. What advice could you offer me to improve upon them?


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I would like to create assets for 2d platformers, but want to make them look different compared to other assets. That why when I paint in krita it looks blurry from the default painting mode when you launch it.

What about these? 

Messaging system for communicating with developers on this site.

This is what one look like for example with a background applied. 

Will a private or direct messaging system be introduced in the future? 

For quite awhile I've been attempting to refine my digital art skills in the 2d game development field so to speak. Here's a sample of what I've been working on.