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How much of the Analytics can I share?

A topic by SmokeSomeFrogs created Feb 27, 2018 Views: 217 Replies: 7
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Hey, I sent a mail some days ago to the support but didn't get an answer (maybe it's not the right place?)

I just wanted to ask how much of the analytics can I share? I plan to release a postmortem around one year after the release of our first game and wanted to add some numbers :) Is there anything I should not post or is everything okay?


This is probably a better place to ask a question like that, but support isn't wrong either. It just takes longer sometimes because there's a queue.


It's okay to share your own analytics.

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In relation to ad revenue? Does have an option like that?


There aren't any ads on our site so I'm not sure what you're referring to with ad revenue.

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Analytics not playing a rule in ads?  So what your saying is that their isn't a option to view analytics to what new viewers or followers you can to have a ad revenue sharing option similar to gamejolts ad revenue options?

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There are no ads on itch (unlike gamejolt). There wouldn't be any ad revenue to share.

Thank you, and sorry for my impatience :)