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Private messaging option on

A topic by coffeeANDsoda created Feb 21, 2018 Views: 263 Replies: 4
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Will a private or direct messaging system be introduced in the future? 


No plans at the moment, I don't think we want to build a chat platform but we do want to add a better way for developer/player communication. What would you like to use a messaging system for?

Messaging system for communicating with developers on this site.

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I think improved developer -> player communication is good. Right now, I use refinery to have a small group of players connect to my game, but I use other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Discord) to actually connect my players. It's very frustrating!

I understand that some players will purchase my game and want to dip out on the community aspect, but the refinery and the limited, early access aspect is really meant to filter out those players and help me connect to the most interested players.

I know I want to boost forum usage and devlog readership, so I'd really like if there was a way for anyone who owns The Moon Fields to get a notification that there is a new forum post or a devlog post for The Moon Fields. It doesn't have to be the same notification bell as the other things, but it'd be a really great way to feel like my posts on the forums or devlogs are doing things.

Edit; I guess the idea is to be able to subscribe to ALL things regarding a particular game, and make opting in easy and part of the game purchasing process?


maybe when users post comments on a game page, they can flag it as "developer only"?