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Thank you very much :)

I have a very complex aseprite file that I hand export for unity. Its a character doll that has dozens of layers for different pieces of equipment/hair. Will this be helpful to me?

I dare you?

i don't think u can get smaller than this lol

Wow, this is gorgeous!

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I don't hang out in OGA much, but your conclusions match up with my assumptions. I also think it's rad to know folks want to see more commercial art assets available. I don't know how to verify my assumptions, tho. The only data I have available to me is my sales (<$300 after a week). I know I'm going to update the asset pack and release a second pack (Castlevania inspired full game art assets seem to be next on the docket), and I think those are good opportunities to sort the licensing issue and/or be confident I picked the right one.

On another note, I am curious what you think about CCBYSA vs CCBY? Edit: I just realized Kenny sells their art assets as CC0 as well, but I'm not sure I wouldn't want to be credited?

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My initial choice for CCBYSA is that people can buy the assets, make their own works, and sell them just by crediting me and sharing any derivative art in the same way they got it.

People seem to be confused by what that means, if they have to share their code, package all my art assets, etc. Of course, this isn't stipulated in the license, but -- there's confusion even amongst the folks who go to the CCBYSA site.

I'm glad I'm hearing more support for CCBYSA, and  I'd really like to dig deeper into this rabbit hole.  Here's a more clear critique that makes me maybe want to do CCBY:

"By-SA faces some real difficulties in interpretation.  A reasonable interpretation is that only direct derivatives of the assets themselves have to be released under the same license, but there is some fear that it might work out to requiring the entire project or any touching assets to be released under the same license, which would be a huge mess. When I was making openly licensed game art I gave up and licensed it CC-By (and OGA-By to avoid concerns about the anti-DRM clause in CC-By)."

I interpret it the first way, but I worry that the confusion will push people away.

Of course, other critiques are that CCBYSA is too free and people will just outright reupload the asset pack in it's entirety which would also be bad :(


Hi All!

I just released my first asset pack called #NotZelda Overhead Adventure with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. My goal is for people to be able to buy the asset pack to do something small like a game jam or build an entire Zelda-style adventure game --- and sell the finalized project commercially. A few people have told me that may not be the best license to use for my purposes.

While I am interested in feedback on the asset pack itself, I am very interested in hearing about licensing from people who buy and sell asset packs. Thanks much!

My main concern was Zelda 1 style adventure, so I did not consider doing many village tiles. There's enough for houses and brick buildings, but the interiors are pretty special. If I update the pack I'll add more building interior tiles :)

My main concern was Zelda 1 style adventure, so I did not consider doing many village tiles. There's enough for houses and brick buildings, but the interiors are pretty special. If I update the pack I'll add more building interior tiles :)

I added some menu tiles and an action shot at the waterfall. There's a few of the items/characters there. Here's the twitter post w/ images

Re: Pokemon tiles --- Canari Games just released their modern Link's Awakening, and I think they're doing a killer job, but maybe I can figure out how to do it right... Thanks for the suggestion!

Oh hell yeah sup Sharm

Let me know if you are interested in other asset packs! I'm leaning towards Castlevania, but there seems to be a wealth of medieval platformer assets out there. I was thinking Double Dragon-y or Ninja Gaiden-y could be good, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you! I didn't think about UI, but that sounds like exactly a thing to add in an update :)

Do both :) And feel free to let me know if you release an overhead Zelda-style art pack as well!

There have been a few people mentioning this to me, and part of me does worry. While my goals align fairly well with CC, I think that if this asset set ends up widely available for free to the public, I'll probably change it. I hope I figure out the licensing issues before I release another asset set.

And thanks for the concern :)

Thank you so much :)

It's looking like it'll be Castlevania next:

No worries! You don't need to include a ZIP of art or anything like that. Just credit me in game and tell the user that the art is licensed to you under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. You can copy this sample text if it helps:

"Thank you for playing [Insert Name of Game]. The art for [Insert Name of Game] is sourced from #NotZelda Overhead Adventure Tiles by LUNARSIGNALS and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license."

No problem! To be short - no, you do not have to release your game and code under the same license. The license only applies to the art assets. You are free to use these art assets in any way you want (even commercially) as long as you give credit and share the art under the same license.  This page from the CC website might help.

I hope this clears up any concerns. :)

Whoa this game looks great! I love Etrian Odyssey style dungeon crawlers :):)


Whoa this looks *great*

The art is excellent :)

Oh hell yeah. This looks great

helll yea

Wow, dude, these look great :)


If you want people to follow and support your #devtober exploits, please post your twitter handles here and follow others if you like! LINKS are encouraged for ease of use. Make sure to use the #devtober tag in your twitter posts, too :)

This game is rad AF

Wow, thank you so much. I am doing another game jam this weekend, so I just might.

Sup, ya'll?

Whoa how did I miss this post? We're usually in the discord: . Glad you can be here @rhinox!! Let's answer your questions:

re: Health - player health is indicated by the amount of time spent flashing. The faster you're flashing the closer to death you are. No one flashes at max health, and everyone flashes the same at 1HP and (Max Health - 1) HP. Inbetween is a gradient.

re: Single Player - it's coming! I usually talk about stuff on my twitter or the discord. Single player is going to be like the original NES Legend of Zelda. You'll start with a few characters and items and you'll search a big overworld + dungeons for other characters/items to reequip at basecamps. New items/characters will open up different methods of traversal throughout the world. I'm planning on having random seeds to redistribute characters/items so that you can play it over and over again.

re: Wishes - this is a good list! I will be emphasizing player difference via the stat system, but I do love the idea of earth element stuff. Physicality is really one of my favorite things in the game, and I think a boulder type attack could both mimic and contrast the Book of Barriers really well.

i want to play this

A step by step on how to use Parsec for your first time:

  1. Download Parsec and make an account
  2. Connect to your friends' accounts via the Parsec application
  3. Decide who will be the Host and who will be the Client(s). The Host runs the game and needs high upload speeds
  4. Using the Play tab, the Client(s) then click Co-Play onto the Host computer.
  5. Using the Host tab, the Host can manually accept each Client to share the Host screen
  6. And finally the Host launches The Moon Fields!

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In order to play online you will need to

  • Have a Parsec Gaming account here
  • As a client you will also need a Dualshock 4, XBox 360, or XBox One controller. Please refer to this page for information.
  • As a host you will make sure you have installed the proper controller drivers are installed on your system and have your own copy of The Moon Fields and at least a 5mpbs upload speed
  • Optionally, you should try to matchmake (or just hang out!) with The Moon Fields' community  here.

Currently the Community Nights for online play in The Moon Fields are Monday and Wednesday nights. New builds are generally dropped on Community Nights to try out new and exciting things. The Discord community is a living and breathing thing, though, so people could be looking for games any night of the week. If the official community night changes I'll update this OP.

Some of my favorite videos from GDC

Welcome, ya'll.

Super stoked for ya'll to come check me out at any of these things

1) This is the discord we use to chat about playing online:

1b) We've been using Parsec to run matches online. Check it out here

2) This is the intro thread Please post about yourself

3) If you're into twitter check me out here If you want to play online you can ping me here, too

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