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Black Goo sticks to and slows down any player it touches. If it comes into contact with flames it will also be ignited to emit more flames. The combination of the two is very dangerous.

Players can Jump to remove one ball of goo at a time from themselves. If they have many balls of goo, it will take a while to deal with all of them.

And this video shows 8player from Geek Kon in Madison, WI.

This video shows 2v2 battles:

  • Characters with low Magic Stats are easiest to learn. If your character has no magical items or attacks, you can spam Dash all day without losing any combat effectiveness. Magic Casters will have the range advantage over you, but you can upset that balance with smart use of Stock Projectiles like the Shortbow, Crossbow, or Pistol. Or you can just run through hoping to dodge their magic attacks!
  • If you want to learn how to play as a Magic Caster, try varying your running with your magic generation because heavy maneuvers like Dashing cause you to lose Magic Focus (those rotating pink/purple cubes), and you need Magic Focus to cast spells. Boot Potions, Purple Potions, and Dash Boots all help to increase your Magic/Speed synergies. Weapons that slow down your enemy like Caltrops, Throw Goo, Book of Barriers help generate distance which gives you time to regenerate your magic. 
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In order to change the internal resolution of the game, tap the Reset Button (Start/Options) on the Title Screen to go to the options menu.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3rd Gen Intel Core CPU (iX-3xxx)
  • Intel HD 4000 Integrated GPU
  • 4GB RAM

It's good to hear you got it working with a controller. Please tell me if you encounter any other issues. I'm C&Ping the control instructions here for anyone else:

*Please contact me via the support thread to confirm the game works properly with XBox/PS4/Keyboard controls. I have heard some people with problems and I want to know if they are widespread or not*

Unzip and run the .exe or .app file. For the best experience, use 2 or more XBox 360/PS4/XBox One controllers. You can use x360ce to emulate XInput from most input devices. If using keyboard or a keyboard mapper, please refer to these button settings:

ResetHold Start/OptionsWASDArrow Keys
Advance MenusA or CrossG. >
Cancel MenusB or CircleT; :
Direction InputAnalog Stick/DPadWASDArrow Keys
Dash/JumpA or CrossG. >
1st Item SlotX or SquareF/ ?
2nd Item SlotY or TriangleR' "
3rd Item SlotB or CircleT; :
4th Item SlotRT/RB or R1/R2YL
5th Item SlotLT/LB or L1/L2H, <

At any time during the game, hold the Reset button for one second to reset to the Title Screen.

If you are experiencing slowdown OR would like to increase/decrease the graphical fidelity, press Reset on the Title screen to enter the Options screen where you can change the Internal Resolution to your liking.

I played this game a while ago and it was pretty cool. The work you're putting in is making it look even better.  Scoring is really cool :)

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Please post whatever videos you take of the game.

This video is between me and a total new player. It should give you a feel for what the game looks like at 1080p60.

In this video I'm the Colt and Golden is the Brave Cat. He utilizes his Battle Axe really well. The YouTube link has some of my personal notes on the important rounds. **This match runs at 270p internally, so it's not exactly super representative of what the game looks like, but if you're on an iGPU and want 60 frames this is what's up.

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Please use this thread to post tips or strategies you find or to ask for tips and strategies for particular items or characters.

General Tips:

1) Learn how to maneuver! Tap A while moving to Dash quickly. Tap A while not moving to Jump straight up. Hold A while moving to Leap. Dashing gets you out of sticky situations. Jumping can dodge attacks while getting you on high ground. And Leaping helps you cross gaps or escape to high ground that's far away.

2) Vary your attacks! Depending on how you move, your weapons might have different uses. The Knights Sword has a straight attack while moving, a forehand/backhand swing combo on neutral, and an overhead from the air. The straight attack is good for footsies and keeping distance; the swing combo will help you in close; and the overhead deals a lot of damage while getting over shields.

3) When you have a side-shield, move counterclockwise around your enemy to keep your shield in the right spot to catch errant pokes. You should tweak your angle of attack based on your opponent's attacks. When your opponent uses forehand swings (like the Battle Axe's tilt attack), facing directly towards your enemy will keep your side shield in the right position to protect you from damage. Evading an enemy that uses backhand swings is super easy because your shield will face the correct side on escape.

4) Consider how much turning your attacks have. Different attacks trigger different angles of turn on activation. The Shortbow on the ground won't turn very well, but from the air you can turn 180* and shoot in any direction.

5) The Air Is Dangerous! Air attacks are generally strong or tricky. An opponent with throwables can throw accurately at short range from the air. You can dodge attacks by getting into the air, but your position is going to be fairly predictable.

Specific Tips:

Are you using a keyboard or controller? KB controls are explained on the download page, but it's recommended to use a controller.

One of the KB controls use WASD for movement plus G and T for confirm and cancel. Please post if you continue to have problems. 

Thanks leafo! I really appreciate it.

This game looks great

This game looks great!

This game looks so good.

This is super rad. Perfectly minimal.

Moaar Rick, baby.

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I just released the first access version of The Moon Fields. I am using refinery to keep the numbers down (and the price high) while I build a dedicated community. There is an extensive demo*** with half of the total content. Now, about the game itself:

The Moon Fields is an overhead action game set in a sword & sorcery world. The eventual game will have a single player adventure with a large overworld and tons of secrets, but right now I am showcasing the up-to-8-player multiplayer versus mode. There are currently 18 unique characters with over 45 items to equip them with. There are hundreds of variations to build your characters with many of them being very different ways to play the game. You can play free for all or mix and match teams (4v4, 3v3v2, 1v1v6, etc.). The multiplayer is fairly robust in terms of match making, though as I develop single player content I will definitely be adding more weapons and stages.

I've attached three videos of gameplay below. My gear isn't good enough to 1080p60 record, but the game scales down well so that an iGPU can run the game at 60fps at the low internal resolution of 270p. The first video (1080p30) is probably the best video to take in the cool graphical effects, and the third video (270p60) shows off the basic melee combat really well. There are really poor annotations in the "Show More" section on Youtube, and you can see the weird, crazy things that can happen with analog melee voxel combat with always active shields and real 3D collider math.

Cheers! Please try the demo! I'd really love feedback! Oh, please press START on the title screen to access the menu so you can set the resolution for your PC.

***Is it OK if I have a separate demo project page? I've been thinking about making one because I would like more visibility for the demo. Currently the demo is pretty far down the page, and I would like people to see they have the opportunity to try the game before committing.

Sorry if this is bad form to resurrect a solved topic, but my question is literally this but in reverse:

I just released my game The Moon Fields, and I would like the demo to have more visibility. The best idea it seems is to create a project page each for the full game and the demo. I also feel like that while the price tag is pretty high for people, the demo still has a lot of content that is worthwhile. Is it OK for me to create two pages? Or is that considered bad form?

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Please post your support questions here so I can keep a log. Sorry for the inconvenience!


So gorgeous


This game is coool

First post. What's up? The music is really dope. The whole package is pretty stylish overall.