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great use of color contrast and ambient sound to lull me into a false sense of safety with a surprise mini game at the end! wow replay value

aah this is too hard, I can never get the ball in the cup :( ... great concept though, love the mix of music and color palette

wow you really like dominos huh lol... great construction and camera staging though, felt very confident and I was always able to see all the action, well done

nicely done... yeah the spiky bouncey bit is a bit much haha but in the end it does seem to resolve ok, maybe think of it as an interesting bit of suspense and pacing?

music worked ok for me btw... anyway I loved the staging and visual style, very creative, especially the TV finale at the end

cool structure, very dense and intricate with interesting flow... I do wish the camera was zoomed out more, e.g. it was hard to connect the action of the dominos to the action of the ball? (also next time change the default colors away from the default unity blue bg / white objects, it'll only take a minute and it'll bring out so much flavor!)... but overall, an interesting concept with thoughtful staging , well done

great use of color with very clean construction! I think if the machine was smaller, with fewer moving parts, it might've been easier to tune / scope / deal with / iterate upon... but good progress, and again great color palette

cool use of input, I like the rolling metaphor! well done

cohesive use of art and music, well done, nice incorporation of parallax too

cohesive use of art and music, well done! wasn't super sure where to go though, I reached the right-most edge of the background and figured I should stop there

great concept, color palette, and approach... but it was really unclear to me where to go / what to see / which direction to go?

great concept and cool art, wish there was a little bit more to explore though!

great structure, feels very solid with strong realism / research, nice job!

great resemblance, and I love the color scheme, very creative!! (I gotta confess though, I'm ok with not being stuffed into an airport these days??... seatac was a decent airport though, definitely not the worst)

great use of shapes to build up the brick wall, and the net on the hoop is a nice crunchy contrast to the smoothness of everything else

very geographic approach to the assignment, I like it... I wish I knew where this was though?? is this a city park somewhere?

I've been there!! I like how you built the statue... and the color palette is great, well done

great likeness, very recognizable, even the background buildings? and the birds are adorable!

ouais, tres artistique! j'avais dit cela en classe, mais je vais dire ici aussi -- j'aime l'utilisation des triangles pour creer l'impression du soleil sur la mer

(sorry my french isn't great)

very painterly water, great use of color!! definitely reminds me of NYC sunsets

oooh now I really want to play a "Tisch RPG" game... great resemblance, I like the detail on the stairs

great vibes, definitely reminds me of bryant park... but once I went ice skating there and fell down, and split my pants!! and everyone saw!! I'M NEVER GOING BACK TO BRYANT PARK IN WINTER EVER AGAIN, I'M SO EMBARRASSED 

very detailed intricate work, and great resemblance!!

wow, love the variety of objects and colors here!!


sorry he's gone forever! if you're on Windows, you can edit your system registry to delete the save data... but that can be dangerous and it can break your computer so I don't recommend it

very cute! butts foreverr

this was really good, and I was impressed when it suddenly switched into a full-on card game... I do wish the intro scenes had some music though, it was a bit difficult to figure out the proper mood... but once the card game started, it felt very clear! love it

it ran slow on my computer but I like the scenery and variety of props, and I like the strategy with bringing props together onto the table... just make sure the timer UI isn't so subtle, maybe it would be better to have timer as text, it would be more clear?

very realistic!! I wish burning things / making things wet had more visual feedback or particles? I like the interaction system though

yeah I wish there was a 2nd meter to show progress for begging... if you wanted to make begging feel unpredictable, you could still make the meter's rate of change more erratic and random, but I think some feedback is important... maybe even like "currently begging, please wait..." or a text notification would go a long way

very exciting!! I wish the end sequence was just a little easier, if you weren't there to tell me what to do then I would've given up

great idea and I like the idea of physically shrinking the scary things!! I just wish we got to see some of the candy we earned at the end

I wish the AI went slower in the first few laps!! right now the AI gets a big lead and then makes me feel bad and give up :(

this is too hard I think?? there is no visible shadow beneath the character, so it is hard to judge the landing... I wish it was a little easier, or I wish the platforms were much bigger!

wow such a difficult life, I enjoyed the puzzle design!! I think you could improve the juiciness on collecting bananas, like it would be cool if there were particles or more of a visual reward for getting the bananas

the children are too powerful?? also sometimes I couldn't hold down left mouse button to charge-up? but I enjoy the scenery and gameplay

wow I was a cat!! an evil cat!! and I got the axe :(

very grim with lots of dark humor but I enjoyed it, and I like all the endings