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this is really good! my one gameplay feedback: a lot of the palace endgame involves guessing about the AI blackbox of building resources transport, and it kinda kills the pacing as I wait / wonder why it's taking so long to build something when I have 1000 of the resource stockpiled already?

but I also had all this money (like 15+ gold) sitting around doing nothing

so it would've been cool if I could spend all my extra money to speed up building or something exciting, but maybe spending all that money will trigger big climactic viking invasions? anyway good stuff, I love these short focused genre games, good job

I get a "game not found" message when trying to run v1.5 on MacOS 10.12

good luck on the pack test... hope you and your hat are ok!!

I hope you're gonna keep working on this, the level editor and all the movement feel and the env art is great

wow this game is really brutal with the gaps in between the planks

Could you set the bundle's fundraising thing to like $1400? thankssss

hey there, I recently made a big co-op bundle ( and here's some feedback / thoughts from using the system... I understand not many people use this system and it's probably low priority for you, but if you ever have some spare time to improve it, it'd be cool

  • overall it worked pretty well, and I really appreciate the slider split feature
  • I wish I could save drafts of the form before finally clicking "submit for approval"
  • I wish I could customize the bundle page theme and add a cover image... does that mean co-op bundles can't get featured on the front page, if they have no cover image?
  • I wish there were page view + referral analytics
  • I wish that "A bundle hosted by X with content from 7 creators" would instead list all the creators inline on the page, in alphabetical order (or add a checkbox to let us opt-in to this display mode)
  • I wish I could set a fundraising goal for a co-op bundle

anyway thanks, no need to reply or anything, xoxox

I had the same problem. I got to the very last stage of the interview, and it kept rejecting my information. It turns out it forgot my e-mail address, so I had to go all the way back to that first page, type in another e-mail address, and then proceed to the end. It finally worked after I did that. The tax interview website seems pretty buggy! Good luck.

Hey, I've had a payout pending for 30 days... but it turned out my Paypal account got disconnected from my Itch account, so that's why the payout was never going to finish? (I wish I got a notification about this / the warning was more prominent)

It was difficult to figure out how to reconnect the Paypal to my itch account too... the Seller Settings page wouldn't show the account connect options to me unless I changed the payout mode from "Collected by itch" to "direct to you" -- so that's what I did, and I relinked my Paypal, and then switched back to "Collected by itch" mode afterward

but that seemed like a confusing counter-intuitive series of actions, and also I don't know how my Paypal got de-linked in the first place either... and anyway maybe the account connect buttons should just have its own omnipresent section on that Seller Settings page, regardless of which payout mode we select? or am I misunderstanding everything here?

anyway xoxox

maybe when users post comments on a game page, they can flag it as "developer only"?

yeah that sounds good, thanks!!

Randomizer is already implemented in the sidebar

hello! I just realized I had turned off all public activity to followers in the settings panel --

this is because I tend to tweak my game pages a lot, and/or other small changes, and I don't necessarily want to spam people with those changes, among other reasons

I wish there was a checkbox list of more detailed privacy controls on what kinds of public activity I can choose to share or not share, and it would help me use itch's community features more effectively

I think I still agree with a lot of folks' concerns about the connotations and structure of "rank"... if the goal is to get people to improve their pages, doesn't a "discoverability" or "completeness" number seems better?... and/or maybe make "rank" an opt-in thing that's off by default (but with a contextual infobox on the analytics page that lets people choose to turn it on?)


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it's not frozen... thanks for playing!!!

The movement feels awkward, but I like the concept and it works

I liked the pretzel making, I wish we got to salt the pretzels too??

I also would've changed the font, a custom font would've helped a lot (and maybe make the text color white instead of dark gray, which was hard to see)

pretty polished graphics and feel! I agree it would've been cool to have hints to know which houses might be scary, but I think it works overall!

bugdom is strange!!.... I wish the bugdom gate had a keyhole for the key??


I could only get 107 rats!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

I like the cup rolling around... it's very hard though, I only got to 9 seconds :( :(

I found the books too!! I wish the library was smaller and the book cart was closer to the middle of the room, and I wish the book list was bigger and easier to read

very realistic!! but I wish there was less buttons to memorize, it was kind of a lot to try to remember all at once

I wish it had cursor lock? and yeah agree about the dragon!!! but I liked the hearts and the concept

very realistic

this is so hard and I had to rage quit!!! I'm sorry that you can't rage quit in real-life tho

this is so hard I'm rage quitting!!! also, spencer is wrong

this is too hard and I'm too frustrated!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh

the catapult is awkward to control, very drifty and floaty? I think it also needs some kind of end screen to tell us when we can stop playing

very scary but effective when my body explodes sometimes... I wish the first task was easier, and it would've helped a bit more if it told us which buttons to press during the game? and maybe fewer keys / simpler controls (e.g. QWOP only has 4 buttons but it's still very challenging) but overall good job!!

I think its unclear what's happening when I catch a camper, it seems like they're being vaporized into water?? I would make the holding pen smaller, to feel more like a holding pen... I think it also needs a lose screen too, instead of going back to the main menu immediately... but overall good job

I wish the hitboxes on the inspiration bubbles were bigger too!!! and I wish the game told us how we did... I got 53 inspiration, is that very inspired or barely inspired?? etc

I like it when they jump out of the windows, I would've done more of that... I would also lock the mouse when they click, not when they press TAB, because no one would know to press TAB to lock the mouse?

I didn't know what to pick up, I just took my wallet??? also my brother is maybe too tall and large???

I enjoyed this and found my cat

good work, keogh

cool game, I liked how short and self-contained it is...

some notes if you wanted any:

  • really needs ambient sounds / world sounds during gameplay... the sound of wind at the top... computer beeping noises near computers... the sound of the ocean when you're at the bottom, etc.
  • the backtracking up and down is a little tedious and feels unnecessary / artificial
  • I would've displayed your current equipped key as the camera viewmodel, e.g. as if we're holding it (like a gun in a first person shooter)... I'm familiar with greek letters but I still sometimes forgot what I was carrying, I'd imagine it's more difficult if you don't know greek letters at all and you're trying to remember "curly round thing with a squiggle"

hey, very impressive theming and all the 3D assets, I can tell you put a lot into this