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(windows, standalone desktop build) took me a couple tries to really get the controls, but once I did, it felt mostly solid and I was able to navigate around between the rooms! good progress

- start thinking about the level design and tutorial now... you need to train players to hold down left-click to aim, etc. and I didn't even know about the right-click thing
- the input feel could be streamlined a little bit... it's a bit strange that clicking = pick up object, but then holding down = throw object? it doesn't map neatly onto a hand metaphor exactly... or show a UI for charging up our throw? also maybe show a reticule for where our mouse is pointing, or always point the character toward the mouse cursor? etc.
- the preview arrow, when we're holding left-click, needs to be a bit more obvious (and maybe inverted, to preview our future trajectory instead of our throw trajectory)
- the clickable area on each object needs to be x3 bigger, right now it feels very stingy and ungenerous... make picking up objects feel juicy and nice (hover state, sound, particles, etc) to encourage players to use them!
- in one of the red dot rooms, I entered a weird soft-fail state where I was very slow and stuck in a corner with no objects near me!... do you have a plan for catching this soft fail state? make the walls bouncey? make all nearby objects automatically gravitate toward the player? (it seemed like maybe you were doing that? if so, the gravity felt a bit weak) etc.
- I mean, there's a scenario where you make this into a hardcore hard-sci-fi simulation where it's brutal and stuff... but the cute character and art style make me expect a smoother generous experience that doesn't punish me too hard, etc.