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Guinea Pig Parkour

A topic by GuineaPigParkour created Mar 11, 2016 Views: 1,096 Replies: 2
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Guinea Pig Parkour is a comedy parkour platformer featuring hand-drawn animation, painted backgrounds and a guinea pig with moves!

After completing a bunch of animations and a good core chunk of the engine, I decided on a character redesign. Here are two comparisons with the original character and the redesign:

Capture of the new animations in-engine:

And here's footage of the first 30 iterations of the engine:

You can follow the game's development here, or on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Steam, or IndieDB. I also animate live pretty regularly on Twitch.

If you'd like to support development, check out my page here on this site where you can play the first 30 engine builds.


Wow I watched your last twitch stream and the leaning animation is really good looking!


Awesome, thanks a lot! :D