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I should really find out how to fix that, thanks for playing the game! 

Of course, please do use them and edit! :D Credit is not required, but it makes me super happy to see what you make with these!

Probably I will! My original idea was to make a picnic simulator and I'm learning the basics :D I'd love to do another minigame at the very least!

Awesome! Thank you for trying it out! :D

Scope control. Despite trying to make something small it ends up exploding and containing the project is always an effort.

Oh, thank you so much for the follow! Yes that's me :D 

And thank you for liking my style >.< aaah this makes me so happy

Thanks for the support! much appreciated. I'll be delighted to see what you create with them!

Nope, you get the files as simple pngs in this case! Download and see (:

Thank you :D

Hello! I made the assets a while back for a university project, I'd say CC0, you can do whatever you want with the file I provide for download, attribution would be nice but not necessary (:

Deeply sorry for having you wait so much! I saw your comment on the Spine forum today, (after getting back from a small pause from work!) and updated the files to include an ESS version. The reason you saw them missing was because they used PRO features such as meshes.

The project is indeed outdated, and It would be best to redo it from scratch at this point, there's some interesting new features like skin bones that would finally enable adding different tails, wings, and whatnot which is the big missing feature that stalled me, as well as the possibility to add new skins. I'll try to make some space to develop this nicely and restructure it from the ground up as it deserves.

Oww I thought nobody was using this and left it aside!!

So much time has passed that I'd redo it a little differently too now, but would you be ok with me changing them?

I'd redo the art, the Spine file, and probably also some animations (I regret not giving them knees) what do you think?

Thanks so much for the suggestions, I had no idea >.< I'll try to find some time and update it a little!

Also I'm so sorry, I saw this comment completely randomly because I got a mail from regarding CSS, I would have replied earlier otherwise >.<

This game is so brilliant (: I'm really happy it won, it's well deserved.

(also, I voted for you!)

Compliments you really have an amazing portfolio!:) I love the detailed scenes you paint and the variety of colors in them.

I really love how this game came out in just 48h.

It's so cute! I'd definitely want to play a game with this kind of car in it, also I've seen your portfolio and you truly do some amazing stuff, congrats!

We actually did it and it's working!

Thank you Leafo for the Https hint!

Oh that's great! Yeah I guess that must be the reason, I'll try to find some HTTPS place to upload the demo or to ask my provider then, thank you for the fast answer (:

Hello, me and my partner had the freaky idea to let the people test out the assets directly inside a browser page.

We wanted to have it all inside a neat iframe in the description, but we noticed that whereas in a game page it is possible to embed HTML games inside the page, it is not possible in an Asset page.

The page is this one and for now we resolved it by creating a big button and a separate page but we'd love to suggest the feature.
As always thanks for the hard work (:

Che idea carina! Complimenti (:

Wow I watched your last twitch stream and the leaning animation is really good looking!

Oh I love anime girls! <3 Armor Blitz seems so pretty!! is there more to see? *goes searching*

My whole style is heavily anime/manga influenced.

I did a tool to create anime girls and it is particularly relevant to me the matter of letting the user decide the colors and combinations yet having decent shadows and a fair amount of combinations. this is a preview.

Then I also did another one, less Japanese but still quite anime inspired:

fashion avatar preview

(both are out, you can search for them here )

Now I'm trying to translate what I did with the first project into an animated version, like for visual novels, using Spine. it's really time consuming but I enjoy thinking of solutions quite a lot.
Right now I just have a video of how a bug prevented me from turning the hair into meshes, but it's just for demonsrtation purposes:

I was planning of releasing this tool here on when I finish it, though it will take a looong time.