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Oh I love anime girls! <3 Armor Blitz seems so pretty!! is there more to see? *goes searching*

My whole style is heavily anime/manga influenced.

I did a tool to create anime girls and it is particularly relevant to me the matter of letting the user decide the colors and combinations yet having decent shadows and a fair amount of combinations. this is a preview.

Then I also did another one, less Japanese but still quite anime inspired:

fashion avatar preview

(both are out, you can search for them here )

Now I'm trying to translate what I did with the first project into an animated version, like for visual novels, using Spine. it's really time consuming but I enjoy thinking of solutions quite a lot.
Right now I just have a video of how a bug prevented me from turning the hair into meshes, but it's just for demonsrtation purposes:

I was planning of releasing this tool here on when I finish it, though it will take a looong time.