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Anime Art! Got an anime style game? Share it here!

A topic by Gaudium created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 4,896 Replies: 5
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So the project I currently work on is inspired by Japanese themes and follows anime style aesthetics. I also personally love watching and discussing anime (forum needs an off topic section for an anime thread!). If the project you are working on right now follows the aesthetic, please share some artwork from it! I love to see what else the community is working on, especially when art styles align.

Here's some Armor Blitz art to lead us off:


Well that's it from me for now. Share your stuff!


My work's def anime-inspired, although it's def on the cuter side of things.

Here's some production art from my card game Tiny Swords:

These are what the actual cards look like, by the way:


Cool art. Nice style; reminds me of Cucumber Quest a bit.

I love it! got any other links/posts about you art? =]

Oh I love anime girls! <3 Armor Blitz seems so pretty!! is there more to see? *goes searching*

My whole style is heavily anime/manga influenced.

I did a tool to create anime girls and it is particularly relevant to me the matter of letting the user decide the colors and combinations yet having decent shadows and a fair amount of combinations. this is a preview.

Then I also did another one, less Japanese but still quite anime inspired:

fashion avatar preview

(both are out, you can search for them here )

Now I'm trying to translate what I did with the first project into an animated version, like for visual novels, using Spine. it's really time consuming but I enjoy thinking of solutions quite a lot.
Right now I just have a video of how a bug prevented me from turning the hair into meshes, but it's just for demonsrtation purposes:

I was planning of releasing this tool here on when I finish it, though it will take a looong time.

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I just remembered that my game Before the Faire was inspired by a set of anime character portraits in the first place. They're not mine, though, you can find them here and here. But the game wouldn't exist without them. Credit where credit is due.

Edit: come to think of it, the way inspiration worked was quite interesting: because I was limited to what was already available, even the personalities of the characters are based on what facial expressions were available for each of them...


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