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Domen - Concept Artist, Illustrator

A topic by Domen created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 1,062 Replies: 13
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Hey Everyone!

I'm a freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator and very invested in games big and small. I've played a ton of indies and have worked on a good number of them myself, so if you're looking for someone with understanding of game design, that can crank out a solid amount of quality work in a fairly short time, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I'll be looking to update this thread with new stuff as well, so if you're here to look at some (I hope) attractive images, you're just as welcome to, and if you'd like to know more about me and see more examples of my work, please visit my website.



<img src="?1486030154">

<img src="?1486043149">

<img src="?1486043484">

<img src="?1486061269">

<img src="?1486030164">

<img src="?1486064022">

Compliments you really have an amazing portfolio!:) I love the detailed scenes you paint and the variety of colors in them.

Thanks very much, I'm happy you like them!

Oh my gosh, your artwork is stunning! Those

Thank you! I also recently had the pleasure of being published on Kotaku, if anyone cares to take a look:

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Hey, here's a quick update with an example of a character and creature design splash:

<img src="">

A game I worked on a couple years ago (did some environment work mostly) launched recently. Here's the launch trailer :

I've also updated my portfolio with a couple new pieces, so please have a look at that as well:

sick .. man I wanna do a game. with you=)

Thanks, I tend to have pretty busy schedules, but anything can be negotiated really. You can contact me at:

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I'm having some issues posting images here for whatever reason. For new updated stuff, please had to my portfolio :

I have a couple concept sheets I did for Indivisible I've added.

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Another update with some weapon sheets.

Incredible art man, I just started game design and currently suck lol.

Well done. 

I'm assuming you would not join a game that will be paid post-launch. However, if you are ok with that, I would gladly accept you, your art is incredible. :-)