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Well done. 

Intriguing but I also feel this may be putting the cart before the horse. Co founding a studio is a huge endeavor. I would have to know if I meshed well with you before going all in on a new company. I am a dedicated painter, 2-D artist, writer, and art director. Would you be interested in working on a small game together before going gung ho as an official team? 

Fantastically dark game with a sense of humor. Would play again A +

Sending you an e-mail now. I'd love to illustrate your game.

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Are tabletop games welcome, or is this just video games?

To answer your questions. I am Jen Tracy, a watercolor painter. I've worked as artist and artistic director for Please Remember and Lost Chrononaut. Please Remember is a video game. Lost Chrononaut a choose your own adventure card game, that is playable in browser.

My experience as a game designer is limited. First and foremost I am a traditional painter. I'd like to find the best way to incorporate my art with gaming. I adore games and would love to create many, many more.

As a traditional artist I find illustrating still pictures for board games more appealing than animations. Is this game jam open to tabletop game designers?