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My Pixel Art and a Free Pixel Art Pack

A topic by sitebender created May 03, 2017 Views: 986 Replies: 5
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I took five hours to make an 8 bit platform shooter pack free to use even for commercial project. It will be interesting to see where it goes and how many games end up using it. Here you go, 5 characters are animated, 4+ enemies animated and around 300 tiles to use:

Its my way of giving back because I've made use of a few pixel art packs when trying to learn.

As for my other art, I am still new to pixel art so I keep it simple with limited colors.

Here are a few highlights (sorry they're on Twitter. I tried to get the images but I can't find the .gifs):

Waiting for the Plumper. The theme was plants... so I went overboard.

A Healthy Hollow Knight. The theme was Hollow Knight probably should have made fan art rather than an actual hollow knight.

Jungle Background. Just a simple background.

Bayside Steel. Just a fake screenshot I made for a game that will never be made.

Cupcake Construction. Probably not the best name for this. Anyway I take random color suggestions and make fake screenshots using the color palettes.

Mad Science Lab. Another fake screenshot there are a lot of them. Sorry these are all on Twitter.

Anyway, you get the picture. Thanks for taking the time to view all or some of them.


I love to hear about the word (FREE), i love sharing some free stuff as well. 

Thanks for sharing your fantastic work.

I have more pixel art from the holiday:

I was working on trees the week before Christmas, so I threw some hats on them.

Someone requested a Santa. So I gave them a bowl full of jelly.


oh my god the art is adorbale. and you are REALLY talented at this, huh? and a fellow aseprite user! im so happy to see someone else that also uses aseprite!

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Do you have some holiday characters?

Nope. I had no holiday characters. Speaking of holiday...