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This game is so awesome that I can just say thanks! 


Oh, thank you!! I loved your video and I'm very happy that you think it's a funny game, it was my first.

Dibiaru God


Parabéns pelo jogo!!! 

Pixel >>>> 3d

A rua é nois.

Haha, loved it! 

Oh, thank you so much! I tried to do something funny, so... 


I want to lay down and cry!

This game is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT!

Congratulations to everyone involved on this project!

Thank you very much guys for the experience.

Hi everyone,

It's with pleasure that Pokiha brings this game for Bitsy Jam - Cats! My very own first game!

You play with Solange, a single full of cats woman, who wants to find her true love. Her cats told her that there's a new baker in the establishment across the street, when Solange saw him she fell in love for him. Now you have to find the 6 objects around the establishments and finally go to the new place called "Void" to choose your destiny!


Congratulations!! I loved it.

I loved all your sprites!! They are fantastic, really, really good BUT, this one is bothering me a little bit 'cause her shoulders look so much larger than her hips, but still, she is really beautiful.

Keep doing this great job!! I'm trying to paint the sprites I've made for the novel I'm developing, but do it with the computer mouse is horrible. D=