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Seeking Volunteer Team! [Writers, Assistants, & Artists]

A topic by Quantablos created 85 days ago Views: 1,043 Replies: 40
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Spooky dating sim is a Horror Romance Visual Novel that began production in October 2019. The team behind it all is mostly volunteers and we need help. As of this moment the game is planned to be Free to play but this may change depending on how successful the eventual crowd funding is. When the game is complete, all members of the team will receive full credits. 

The team is actively seeking:

  •  A second (script) writer who will be responsible for writing 4 of the 8 routes. Preferably someone who is experienced in horror or romance genres and has a few completed works under their belt. 
  • An assistant writer to help the two main writers and whatever they may need.
  • A GUI artist
  • A Background Artist

If possible we would also love to have the following join us but it is not required to complete the project:

  • A second Ren'py programmer.
  • Someone to help assist with Social Media accounts and game Promotion. 
  • An accountant or financial assistant.
  • Ambiance and Custom Sound Effects (Foot steps, nature sounds, etc.)
  • An Animator or a Promotional Video Creator.
  • A Native Korean and (North American) Spanish Speaker to assist with bilingual character's dialogue. 

Don't be afraid to shoot your shot if you have a skill you think you could contribute to the project let us know!

If you are interested please leave a comment and tell me what you'd be willing to do as well as an example of your work! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

All potential team members must be 18+ due to child labor laws. 

We are NOT seeking vocal talents at the moment but if we are in the future you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Casting Call Club.


Oh this seems neat! Do you know if you'll be looking into casting voice actors for the game?


Hi! We already have our main voice actors cast, however if the eventual crowd funding reaches a certain stretch goal then we will be looking for more. We are @spookydatingsim on twitter and Instagram if you’d like to keep an eye out! 


I'd like to work with you as a Ren'Py Programmer. Contact me in Discord The_Gamer#0309 if you're interested.

I've got a couple questions to ask, sending a friend request now!

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Hi there! I’m Samurai, and I would love to be a part of your project.

I am interested in being an assistant writer and helping with social media/game promotion. I also live in a bilingual household, so I will be able to contribute bilingual dialogue as well!

My Discord is Samurai#1245, please feel free to reach out to me!

Do you have any examples of your writings or media accounts you manage? 

Unfortunately, I do not have any examples as this is my first time working in video games. I do, however, believe that I can be helpful for this project and I ask that you give me a chance. I understand if you think you should look for someone else, but I appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

I wish I could, but i'd need something to gauge your skills, even if you've never worked on a game before a role play or fanfic or any original work would be sufficient, just to see what your skills are.

That’s very fair. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Could you give 24 hours to write and send a fan fiction? I know I can do this, I’ll just need a bit of time.

Yea, we're not getting a rush of interest so a day or two should be fine.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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Hi again! I just finished the first chapter of the fan fiction if you would like to read it! I hope it’s enough to evaluate my writing skill. If you guys need more, I’ll be happy to write you another chapter.

We'll give it a read! In the mean time what are your socials?

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My socials:

Twitter: @samurai_mp4

Discord: Samurai#1245


Hi there! 

This project looks really cool and I'd be willing to help if you'll have me. I can work as an assistant writer or the second writer, but I dont have any horror or romance writing experience. 

Here's my portfolio of work (unfortunately no games writing experience):

That’s some good stuff, my co-writer is reading over some of it now Do you have any public social media accounts? 


Sure thing.

Twitter: @Hayamo

Discord: hayamo#4732

Hello there! This project looks really cool and i'd love to help and be a part of. I am interested in working on the Custom Sound Effects that you listed. Here is a link to  my most recent audio demo:  (PS. I can imagine the game style is very different from this but thought it would be a good example to showcase my foley/environmental sounds) 

Hope to hear from you -  Alex

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Thank you for your interest, Alex! However we have just found ourselves a SFX and Ambiance Artist and are no longer seeking applicants for this position. 

Best of luck!


No problems, best of luck with the project! 


Hi, I never got a response. I offered to be an assistant writer and I am a Spanish speaker as well. Samurai#1245. If you meant to reject me, that’s alright.

I am so sorry, I could have sworn I replied to you!! I’m really thankful for your interest but we have chosen to continue looking for other  writing candidates.

Thank you!


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Bump :D



Hello  Quantablos,

any chance you are interested in localizing your game to PT (Portuguese?)
I currently especialize in literary and audiovisual translation,  but I want to build my portfolio in my dream fiel of videogame localization.
I have worked with some small mobile and web games  before, and all I ask for is my name in the credits and permission to use images for my portfolio.

I can also make EN and PT subtitles for any videos you may have, and translate any promotional material as well.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Hello! We are not actively seeking localization or translations at the moment. Though once the game is completed we would love for people to localize it so that non-English speakers can enjoy it as well. I'd recommend following us on social media to keep an eye out for when we start getting ready for that!


Great! save my contact as well, I would love to work with you.

Hi Quantablos, I'd like to volunteer for the UI position if you're still open. My portfolio is here:

Let me know if you're interested, thank you!


Thank you for your interest, however we have decided to continue our search to fill the position. 


Hello! My name is DoubleH and I'm a writer/developer. I'm interested in your project and I'd love to assist you with writing. I have a few years of experience both writing for games and directing. For samples of my work, you can look here:

Also, if you want to contact me personally, you can get at me at discord, my username is: Double H#3818

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Hi there! 

It looks like this topic has been up for a while, but if you're still looking for a writing assistant, I'd be happy to volunteer a hand. You can find my portfolio here, and a couple of the games I've worked on here. Along with being a writer, I'm also a programmer and an artist, and familiar with the visual novel workflow. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me on discord at pastelqueenofhell#0642.


Added you on discord to chat!

If you're still in need of someone to handle finance and accounting I do have some basic experience from previous course work and I'm good with numbers. My discord is #7384

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Adding you now, but it looks like it's not working. You can add me at Quantablos#8060


If you are still looking for help from a Native Spanish speaker, I would like to assist.  If  that isn't the case  not, I wish you all luck and hope the game production goes well. Can't wait to play it ^-^

We are! I'd love to talk you can message me on discord at Quantablos#0213