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[Programmer] Looking for a team for a visual novel

A topic by doubleh created Mar 05, 2017 Views: 333 Replies: 5
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Hello, my name is DoubleH and I'm a participant at the NanoRen Jam. I'm making a fully-voice acted visual novel, dating-sim genre with a lighthearted comedic tone.

I could really use the help from an artist who can draw 4 character sprites and I'm open to any voice actor or actress who is willing to audition. We have a role for 1 boy, 3 girls.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

Hey! My name's Karine, I'm an artist and I'd like to try help. even though it's been a year I hope I can still help?

Ah! Hello! It's been a while since the project I was talking about here, but I'm working on another project at the moment. Would you be interested? If you want to contact me my discord tag is Double H#3818.

No problem! I messaged you.

Are you still looking for voice actors by chance?

Hmm... We can try! I haven't considered it, but we could talk about it. You can also contact me on Discord or wherever you want.