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[Non-commercial] Looking for a programmer and artists for a visual novel

A topic by doubleh created Jul 05, 2017 Views: 254 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone. I'm a hobbyst developer and I'm working on a mystery visual novel, on the vein of the Ace Attorney series. All the writing, sprites and backgrounds are done but I need some help to finish the game. Namely:

 - A programmer to help with the coding and building a few features. I started the game on Renpy and learnt the most basic functions, but I need someone to do what I can't figure out and make those features. If the programmer doesn't like the engine, I am open if they want to start from scratch on a different one.

 - Artists for cutscenes, front cover artwork, user interface and props. Sprites and Backgrounds are already accounted for. I do not look for samples of incredibly professional art, but polished enough to match the rest of the game. I am open for a different visual style for this artwork, if the artist has a good idea.

Thanks for your attention and I await your response. Have a good day.


Are you still looking for an artist?

Will love to help!

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Serg, and I run a small Art Studio "Ponylab." 
We specialize in crafting awesome art for amazing games & apps.

You can check our portfolio here: https://ponylab.studio/portfol...

I wanted to share two core Ponylab's features we're proud:

1. We don't design pictures. We're working on creating the atmosphere.
We believe it's a key for a successful players plunge and long-term engagement with the game.

2. Service
Real service. Clear communication, fast responses, reasonable turnaround, extensive reviews, bonuses. We believe in giving, and we're proud of it.

You can find a few reviews from our customers here: https://www.ponylab.studio/

Let's get in touch!

You can contact me also at serg@ponylab.studio

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I would like to join you as the programmer. I studied computer science for 3 years(dropped out due to health problems) I used python extensively during since high school and taught it to freshman at uni. I'm also fluent in Java. I did a lot of back end developing in the past.

Sadly I don't really have a portfolio to show since I just recently started working on games. Did some experiments on my own on 2D platformers. I really wanted to work on a visual novels too from the start. I did not use renpy but I can learn really fast and since I work for myself I have lots of spare time to work on it. I'm also little familiar with Unity and Godot.

Thanks for considering me.