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[Non-commercial] Looking for a programmer and artists for a visual novel

A topic by doubleh created Jul 05, 2017 Views: 1,037 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone. I'm a hobbyst developer and I'm working on a mystery visual novel, on the vein of the Ace Attorney series. All the writing, sprites and backgrounds are done but I need some help to finish the game. Namely:

 - A programmer to help with the coding and building a few features. I started the game on Renpy and learnt the most basic functions, but I need someone to do what I can't figure out and make those features. If the programmer doesn't like the engine, I am open if they want to start from scratch on a different one.

 - Artists for cutscenes, front cover artwork, user interface and props. Sprites and Backgrounds are already accounted for. I do not look for samples of incredibly professional art, but polished enough to match the rest of the game. I am open for a different visual style for this artwork, if the artist has a good idea.

Thanks for your attention and I await your response. Have a good day.


Are you still looking for an artist?

Will love to help!

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Serg, and I run a small Art Studio "Ponylab." 
We specialize in crafting awesome art for amazing games & apps.

You can check our portfolio here:

I wanted to share two core Ponylab's features we're proud:

1. We don't design pictures. We're working on creating the atmosphere.
We believe it's a key for a successful players plunge and long-term engagement with the game.

2. Service
Real service. Clear communication, fast responses, reasonable turnaround, extensive reviews, bonuses. We believe in giving, and we're proud of it.

You can find a few reviews from our customers here:

Let's get in touch!

You can contact me also at


Just a small update! "Masada-sensei: The Case of the Vanishing Purple" is slowly baking in the oven. It might take some time until it's ready and crispy, though. 

Again, we're still looking for artists to join the team (I'm a member of the team; nice to meet'cha).

If you're still uncertain or want to know more about the project, you can check our twitter and tumblr to see what we've been up to. A private message will also do the trick! Even if you don't want to join, your feedback is quite welcomed!



Um, hi Yoru. I see you found my post. I confirm, what he's saying is legit. This post is kinda outdated anyways. Basically, we're not looking for programmers anymore but we're still welcoming any artist who wants to join.