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Thank you! :D
We really appreciate your feedback and rating!

Seems the issue with crowdforge has been resolved!

Yes, it is!
We've accepted your request but seems like crowdforge is having an issue with its group dashboard/chat.

 Heya everyone!

I'm making this post to find if there are any artists looking to participate in the incoming RenPy game jam (check here for more information) taking place between the 15th and 30th of September.

My team is composed of a writer, coder and a composer and we're looking forward to make a slight deviation of a project we have been working on. The story is a crime mystery set in high school, starring a teenage detective as the protagonist, in the vein of the Ace Attorney games.
The player will have the chance of exploring the school, interrogate suspects and deduce who the real culprit is!

You can join our team at Crowdforge using the link below (the team is owned by DoubleH): Crowdforge:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Even if you're not interested in collaborating with us, feel free to join the jam with your team. It's more fun when there's plenty of competition!

Really liked the vybe of this game. Congratulations to the developers!

I would like to point an issue I found:
When you progress to the backstage, Aleksander is presented to you as if you had talked to him before, which was not my case (I picked another character).
Also, if you choose to leave the club with Alisha, she reveals the same thing Aleksander did (his family and relation to the bar) and the player is nevertheless surprised.

Kowara is stuck in a loop...

Thank you very much! :D


Just a small update! "Masada-sensei: The Case of the Vanishing Purple" is slowly baking in the oven. It might take some time until it's ready and crispy, though. 

Again, we're still looking for artists to join the team (I'm a member of the team; nice to meet'cha).

If you're still uncertain or want to know more about the project, you can check our twitter and tumblr to see what we've been up to. A private message will also do the trick! Even if you don't want to join, your feedback is quite welcomed!