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Calling all Ren'Py developers! You have two weeks to make a game in Ren'Py, the open-source Python-based Visual Novel and Game Engine. Show off your skills in designing and implementing unique gameplay, visual effects, and any other cool things you can achieve with Ren'Py. 

  • The game itself must be new, but feel free to add in an adaptation of anything you're proud of achieving with the engine from other projects. 
  • You may begin work on the game in advance of the jam start date.
  • All genres are allowed and welcome, as are polished demos. 
  • You may submit a project solo or as part of a team, and may submit a project to more jams than just this one.
  • The game must be made with Ren'Py.
  • Games that really showcase what Ren'Py can do may be selected to be featured on
  • To be eligible for site feature, a game must be SFW

Need a team? We have a crowdforge for that

Feel free to join the official Ren'Py Discord server here

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A weird visual novel about dreams, freedom and RPGs
Visual Novel
Travel through the vast expanse of Kruuthvaal and restore peace in this Visual Novel RPG.
Visual Novel
A *player vs. self* and . *player vs. computer* chess engine implemented with Ren'Py
Make sure to be a Kirakira Girl!
Visual Novel