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Welcome to Punch Nazis Jam, a four-year ongoing jam of resistance.

It's been said that developers often respond to any problem with a game jam instead of something productive. While that may be true, there are many of us who can't engage in direct action against the current Trump administration, the current British Parliament, and the worldwide growth & acceptance of white supremacists.

If you can make something, if you want to make something, then make something to inspire resistance.

Use a game to teach people how to prepare for a protest. Make something educational about what Trump's policies will do to the rights and freedoms of Americans and others worldwide. Design a Brexit fallout simulator. Create a Nazi punching gallery. Anything that helps the spirit of resistance stay alive and vital.

It's gonna be a long four years. If you can, participate in direct action. Help your community. But if you want to make something, do that too.

If you have resources you'd like to provide to participants of this jam, get in touch with the organizer at

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Stop Donkey Trump in this arcade classic with new features, extras and more.
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A playable leaflet about a Fascist march and our counter-demonstration
Visual Novel
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Beat nazis, nasty beats
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Hone your nazi punching skills
Fuck Nazis
Are you man enough to kill Baby Hitler?
Interactive Fiction
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President Trump hasn't been seen for several months. In the meantime, neo-nazis gain power on the streets.
Quanto tempo você consegue aguentar o Bolsonaro falando?
An over-the-top, super-fast, physics-based, first purse-on shooter.
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A Game about punching Nazis, that's it.