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I just want to get a sense if this idea is too removed from Interactive Fiction to count for this jam (I'm still gonna make the thing, I just want to know if it will count for this jam).

I plan on using GBStudio to make a brief top-down experience. Through dialog, one character will walk the other through my grandmother's spaghetti sauce recipe. There will be some choices in the beginning to determine some option ingredients, then the characters will walk to the store to get the final two ingredients (the key to the recipe) and return home. 

Through the walk and the bit at the store, there will be some dialog about my memories of my grandmother, where she lived in Montreal, the simplicity of the recipe, etc. When the two return home, it's not to the apartment they left, but to my grandmother's kitchen, where they cook the recipe while giving the full directions.

As the jam is focused on Interactive Fiction, I am just unsure if this format fits within what folks might consider IF. What do you think?

Basically yes. The player can move left & right, and can flip gravity between up and down. There are solid blocks that create a message (the heart or "I luv u") and blocks that disappear once touched. Each level ends once all the non-solid blocks have been touched, revealing the message 

I had some unexpected free time, so I was able to record footage! Here you go: 

I don't have a recording, but give me a day or two and I might be able to get some footage.

Anyone can adapt any of my works for this jam:

Everything but Unnatural Watches is free, but if you bought the Palestinian Aid Bundle, you already own it. If not, email me at contact at davidsgallant dot com and I'll hook you up.

I don't get any security notifications when viewing the page in Chrome, so I'm not clear what the issue is?

The abbreviated name of the Gnu Image Manipulation Program is seen by a lot of people as a slur. Could you possibly amend your recommendation of that program to Glimpse instead? It is a fork of Gnu-IMP with the slurs removed.


The style in this game is so damned good. The ASCII backgrounds contrasted against the character art, the blocky abstracted mech designs, the unsettling pre-fight vignettes... I love it.

This is legitimately amazing. I can't wait for episode 3.

Okay so I definitely have the key; I just need a way to get it to you. Is there an email I can send it to?

I believe I still do! I will check this evening.

I've still got it! Would Twitter DM be the best way to get it to you?

drugs() is an awesome tool, thanks for pointing it out!

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A great starting point (especially if you've never made a game before is, a site that comprehensively helps get you started based on what you think you might want to make.

I also have a limited number of keys for AppGameKit, Axis Game Factory Pro v3, RPG Maker VX Ace (x2), GameMaker Studio Pro, and Stencyl. Sound off in this thread if one of these tools would help you out.

If you have resources you'd like to donate or suggest, reply below.

(edit: Sprite Lamp key claimed)