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Well made, polished game but lacks variety, gets repetitive after second wave. Maybe because it's not very challenging.

Overall it's a solid game ;)

The only thing I don't like much about this entry is camera movement - something just doesn't feel right. Maybe I would get rid of that smooth follow when player moves(just precisely follow the character), maybe I'd allow moving camera up/down also with the middle button instead of separating that into scroll but to be fair that's just nitpicking. The game looks good and it's fun :D

That's the first game I found here with really clever, original idea and I like it a lot but that camera movement kind of ruins it :< It makes me feel sick and disoriented. With that fixed it would be a really cool little game.

My idea would be to put camera further back and make the movement less "floaty". That could be enough. Or not changing camera rotation at all and make player movement relative to the camera.

Scored 40! That's a decent fast-paced game. I like it although it's a bit chaotic. It doesn't look like you could actually master the game and get much better at it. Also I have no clue what right button does. Looks like it just takes away my bullets ;)

Looks like a very good game but it's a shame it's not very well balanced. It took quite a lot of effort to get through the first night and seems basically impossible to survive the second. I wish it was a bit easier so I could play more :D

That's quite a nice game! It feels good to fly around, it looks good. Probably would be better if it was quicker/more of a challenge but overall - well done :)

I love tone of that game, the atmosphere is absolutely great! I see what you were going for and that feels brilliant. However it seems like you've tried to add too many features instead of polishing the game. I'd prefer just the story mode and a bit more work on movement/shooting feel instead of all that time you had to invest in making the artwork, random levels, options menu etc.

I got that Starsky and Hutch feel from the very beginning and that's amazing!

Scored 855! Nice, polished game. I enjoyed it but it's a bit repetitive. After a while it just becomes "how fast can I press the button" and "Am I lucky enough to find an ammo pack"
Good job! :D

I'll check it for sure, have fun making it guys!

Yeah, I know it's always the hardest part of each jam but as long as you had fun with it and learned something new - it's a success :D

It's a nice relaxing game :) Menu effect looks really cool, music is good and some views are amazing. That being said there are few issues, mainly that textures are blurry, vine behind you is taking so much space you can't see what's happening(I'm glad it's not following the player all the time, otherwise I wouldn't see all those pretty locations) and the UI colours, well... white on black background would look better :P
It takes a lot of effort to make a game like this work perfectly so I wouldn't try it during a game jam myself but I get the atmosphere you were aiming for and that's already really good. Great lighting, atmosphere, even those puddles add to it. Good job :) 

Okay played the game again - still wasn't able to finish. I think it was the last level but after repeating it over 20 times I got a bit frustrated :D The game at it's core is incredibly fun, it was so much joy to run around, jump as that little ball, cool stuff. But there's also a lot of little annoyances which could be very easily fixed - lack of checkpoints, jump noise(making just 3 different instead of 1 + random chance of not making any noise at all would make it way better), very basic level design(I imagine that's because lack of time but maybe instead of extending the same level you could just make some kind of "open world" level with start middle point and few paths in different directions having to collect disc at the end of each path - that would be less repetitive and the game would feel more complete). 

It's really a neat idea with some more polish it would probably jump straight into my top 1 of this game jam(maybe that's just my love for platforming games... : ). Cool game! :D

I'm not sure how bonuses are changing anything, after getting assassin and combat nothing changed. Also there's a bug with health bar I guess, I was on -20,000 :D

Oh damn, that's quite similar to what I made :D Plays really well, good fun. Sometimes the delay is annoying(like enemies being destroyed a second or two after you hit them without any indication why) and attacking with that blue guy is just bad :D The rest of it is awesome, great game!

I'm not exactly sure how stars are assigned because I made 2 absolutely perfect squares and then 3 awful triangles and got 3 stars for both :D Fun game, would be better with random shapes, different each time :)

Great game, I really like it! Also - character models are just awesome :D

WASD movement would work better probably but it's a fun game with good music :D 

I'm not exactly sure what you tried to say with this game nor how it relates to the theme but sure it's an interesting thing

Level 5(or 6?) was too hard for me so I didn't finish it but I liked the game, it's good! :)

This made me smile. Title describes the game perfectly.

Good idea but it's really confusing what actually happens in the game. I feel like I'm randomly losing even when I'm in the correct area + screen sometimes just turns black. I think I'd enjoy the game a lot if not those issues, it got me quite excited when I realised how it's meant to be played :D

The idea is good and it's well made but the game is just too hard for me :D Finished only the first 2 levels and even that is just blind luck.

Nice little game, a bit buggy(I tried to reach higher levels by standing on the box and enlarging it - got stuck) but I like it. I wish it was longer ;)

Great game, I love all the details and little things you added like camera shake or the way camera moves when you start. I was stuck for a while with that lock thing, would have to stop there if not help from the video you made :D That's a minor thing though, really impressive entry! :)

Absolutely brilliant game! I'll have to find somebody to play it with because that versus mode looks promising too :)

Cool stuff but... I guess that's enough internet for today :o

That was fun, I almost finished the game! Got surrounded by enemies when fighting that final(I think?) big guy. Really nicely made and polished game. It took me some time to realise what shift attack does and that transformed guys are on my side but apart from that it's great. Good job! :)

My GTX 970 can't handle that game, it's constantly less than 10fps unless I look directly into the sky. 

Jolly character and animations :D I couldn't get past second level though, can't see that disc anywhere.

Looks like there's no download link?

Sadly the game is too slow :/ It looks like you've put a lot of work into that. It is a shame that such little thing as walking speed completely ruins it - it just gets boring when you have to walk and walk for ages and nothing happens :( Music is really good, sounds and visuals are nice so I like that but I can't say anything about gameplay because I didn't get into that.

Very cool idea, lovely graphics, animations and music but game is just way too hard :( It's also annoying to click on objects with that moving camera, bigger colliders would help.

Can't really play the game since it's not for Windows but I had the same problem with vertex colour materials, must be some bug in Unreal not including that in packaged project. I gave up on vertex painting after few hours and just used regular textures instead :D

131! Wish there was some music/sounds weren't that annoying :P Animations look really good!

Video looks extremely good! Wish I wasn't a nerd without friends so I could play :(

Really cool game. Loved it until the point when you have to jump with boosters off platforms going up and down. It's not that fun to play platformers requiring nearly pixel perfect jumps and timing. But I really liked it until that point. Good job!

I really like the aesthetics but controls are a bit floaty for a platformer :(