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Really nice stuff! The boss fight felt really great. Nice game feel, nice music. I'm excited for this! One thing I will say though, sometimes collisions with bullets felt a tad unfair at times. But yeah, everything else was really great! 


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Thanks for playing man! Glad you're enjoying :)

Thank you friend! :)

Thank you very much! :D

Rheum is a bullet hell shmupa that features.....eyeballs. Quite a few eyeballs.

Travel through  a fleshly vessel, as an eyeball, collecting rheum [eyeball crusties] to grow stronger in your fight against the infection plaguing this.......body.


I really loved this! It's really hard and i could never kill the first guy but i had a blast! Really nice use of theme!

Really great idea! Pretty easy but still fun. Shooting felt very nice! Good job!

That was pretty awesome!! The second level was the hardest for me for some reason. But this was super amounts of fun and very nice polish!

Hey this is great! Love the atmosphere and the feel to jumping! At times the jumping felt a little under powered, but once you got moving fast between points, its felt very nice. Good job! 

Very fun! I suck though.. But the grapple hook was very smooth and felt super fun to use! Good job!