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I think the game concept could suit the metroidvania style of game very well :)

Thank you! Yeah we're working with a post-jam version which hopefully makes it a bit less repetitive in the long run.

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So satisfying gameplay! I think too many games in this jam have used gun recoil as the dual purpose mechanic (with somewhat mixed results), but you really nailed making this mechanic feel new and fresh. I definitely want see more of this game. Overall 5 stars!

Thank you!

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Can't play the game on my weak windows computer even with the lowest settings. :(

But the screenshots looks nice

I like the colors and the feel of the physics, but I barely went past the first obstacle. Never went past the second obstacle. I think the game should be easier at the first to give the player a chance to understand the physics, and possibly why this game matches the theme.

Cool game! It took a while at first to understand that the hearts are used as inventory, and that the hearts are regenerated when standing still. But once I got hang of it, the game had some really interesting puzzles. This game clearly needs some polish, but it has potential. A suggestion is to use a grid-based movement. There were plenty of times where I unintentionally went on spikes and had to restart the level. I would also like to see smaller levels that fits on the whole window.

Epilepsy warning!

It took a while to master the controls, but once I got hang of the controls it was quite a fun game. Would love to see a longer level. Also it would be neat if the game restarted more quickly after the player went off course. It can take seconds until the player lands so the game can restart.

The game doesn't seem to load at all. I'm using Google Chrome.

Nice, but overly difficult game. I was only able to defeat one enemy before I was killed. A suggestion is to give more life to the player.

Neat little game. The screen is too small though. It was a bit difficult to see the game even if I put my glasses on.

Nice game! I liked that you put some effort in making an intro. However, I thought the controls were a bit slow and unresponsive. Maybe it was because I am using a Mac touchpad. 

Feels like we are getting a lot of these shoot to move games here, but I like the nice addition of absorbing energy with the shield. However, the controls are quite clumsy and the difficulty is very high already in the beginning. I couldn't last more than 20 seconds.

Nice game! I think the timing on the spikes were a bit difficult to master. Maybe increase the time they are down so the player has more time to go through the spikes.

Nice game! It is a bit confusing that the fuel tanks and the fuel bar on the left are both yellow. I thought at first that I needed to gather the fuel tanks to refill the fuel bar. Other than that I enjoyed the game. Nice pacing of difficulty and I like the aesthetics.

Neat game idea! You really embraced the dual purpose theme! The only complaint I have is that the controls are quite difficult, especially the physics of the teleporter balls. It was quite unpredictable where the balls were going to land.

But I really loved swapping places with the enemies over the red "lava"!

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One of the best entries! You really nailed the dual purpose themematic!

Cool game idea! I enjoyed the puzzles. The game mechanic was quite difficult to understand at first the first level, and it could be frustrating to redo a puzzle from the beginning once a slight mistake was made.

Ambitious game for a 48h Game Jam! Maybe a bit too ambitious to be honest. I liked the dialoge between the characters. However, it was quite difficult to predict the consequences of certain actions. Some tutorial or an advisor system would have helped for this kind of game, but I understand these things are difficult to make in a short amount of time. Also the user interface could be more helpful. For example there is no indication of the current funding settings for the different departments. My advice for next time is to scale down and focus only on a few core mechanics.

Too difficult! Couldn't get past the first few enemies.

Interesting mechanic, but the game gets difficult too quickly. Couldn't get past the first few floors.

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Good game! The difficulty should increase faster though. I got bored after a while.

Great game! This concept should be great for a metroidvania!

Super addicting!!!! Great job!

Very difficult already at level 0. Couldn't get to level 1...

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Cute game! I did not get that both buttons should be pressed down on the final door at first.

Got problems loading your game. You should make it playable directly in the browser via (there's a checkbox for that in the submission page).

I love how the pause button serves a dual purpose