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This is not a good game...


Cool! Very nice game!

I recommend to participate in a local game jam if you get the chance.

Then you get to develop a game and meet with other developers without the pressure of voting. You can make a completely broken game and still have a blast. 

Top 239 is really good! It has better score than 90% of the games. This jam has been incredibly competitive. Of course many great games won't even make it to top 100. 

It is kinda expected that votes are going to be unfair unfortunately. There are so many games to vote, but only very few games will get more than 100 reviews.

In a perfect world everyone would have the exact same reviewing standard (and everyone would have time to play all games). In reality the standards and the interpretations of the votes will widely differ from person to person.

You can be unlucky and only get reviewers with high standards, while someone else is more lucky and only get reviewers with low standards.

Not sure if that's the case with these games though. 

Loved it! My only gripe is that the hit boxes are a bit unforgiving, which is a small gripe because this game is a clear 5/5/5!

I tried to cram up the juice as much as possible for my game

Nice game! I like how the spacebar has dual purposes.

I got stuck at the filing for the membership part. The clerk just repeated the same "Great! I will need your name, age, address..." message when I answered "Interested" on it.

The idea is interesting, but is unfortunately poorly communicated. I didn't understand exactly what patterns to look for, and all the bullets just kept distracting me.

It would be nice if the game started at an easier setting with fewer bullets so it's easier for the player to learn the core mechanic, and then at a later level introduce this bullet hell.

Well-polished experience!

Nice one!

Nice game! Although in many levels it's easy to just "cheat" with a solution by drawing a long vertical line by the green ball.

Great match with the theme!

This game makes me feel so nostalgic! :)

Played this game for a bit longer because of the music.

I tried your game, and it's fun once I got hang of it. I think the problem is that it starts too difficult way too fast.

Give the player a chance to get a feel for the game before you max out all the enemies. Now I only got a few seconds to figure out how to play the game before I get killed. I wouldn't mind this difficulty 30 seconds in to the game

I couldn't get pass the second level. Too many near pixel perfect jumps for me :(

Cute visuals! We clearly had similar ideas for our games.

At first I didn't understand the rules of the game. For example, I thought my goal was to protect the pear from the birds and that I lost points when it hit the birds (then I figured it all out by actually reading the description at the title screen :P). I would like to see some more visual cues that make it more clear that it's the birds who lose damage (maybe by making them flash in red).

I love how the snail turns into an airplane :D

I think the game starts a bit too difficult. I would like to get a feel for the game with some easier obstacles before I get thrown into the more difficult obstacles.

Excellent game! One of my favourite games of this jam!

My only gripe is that it wasn't too clear what the effects of some of the cards were (like the card that looks like a refresh button, which I happened to never trigger, and the spikes which I at first thought was a pie).

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It's also about making your game accessible for as many as possible. If I have to choose between downloading a zip, unpacking it and executing a potentially malicious executable - or just play the game in the browser, I would choose to play the browser game all the time unless it's a game I really want to try out. Especially because I'm on a mac, which prevents me to play games only playable in windows.

In that sense participating in a local game jam is quite funny, because then you don't really have that "knowing your market" limitation. I've been to some game jams where people construct their own controllers with arduino boards or makey makey, which wouldn't have been possible to do in this game jam.

I got only 12 ratings so far. I would like some more!

Good boss design is difficult, but you managed to do it great! Their patterns are interesting and it's easy to telegraph their movements.

However, I think it got a bit tiresome shooting the bosses after a while. I'm not sure why that is, if it's the lack of music or if there's something else that needs to be added to the game.

Kudos for making it in gameboy. At first I thought the game was glitchy because I always died unexpectedly (I didn't read the description properly), but then I managed to figured out why.

Fun game with clear connection to the theme.

I think one good rule of thumb when making games for a game jam is if you think the game is hard, then everyone else will probably think it's way too hard.

People won't spend more than a few minutes playing your game. You've been spending 48 hours with it and possibly adjusted the game mechanics to make it feel good for yourself, so naturally you're the best person in the world at your own game.

Brilliant idea! :D

Finally a game version of my everyday struggle :D

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I regret not compiling my game earlier. It took way too long time to compile and I was very worried all my work would be for nothing. If I had compiled the game earlier it would have gone faster to make the final build (it would be able to reuse some compiling steps). Fortunately the deadline was extended due to the server overload, so I could finish building the game in time.

But then I found out that the title screen looks bad in some resolutions (like in the browser build), which I would've found out earlier if I had time to test the build before uploading.

Here's my game btw:

Brilliant! I got killed by the police.

Really like the concept of this game! I hope the story gets a conclusion

Perfect match of the theme!

Cute game! Wish I had a friend to play it with :P

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My game is a space invaders/breakout style of game where you're a squirrel throwing an acorn to kill spiders.

This is maybe not a hack, but I decided to implement a combo system where you can earn extra points by killing multiple spiders before the acorn lands on the ground again, which will make the game a bit more dynamic. The implementation is simple: when the acorn collide with the ground, the combo counter resets to 0.

The thing is that it's possible for the player to pick up the acorn before the acorn hits the ground. But instead of adding extra logic to reset the combo counter when the acorn is in the player's hands, I thought it's better to leave it as it is. Then skillful players are able to stack even longer combos by catching the acorn before it hits the ground + I write less code. I saw it as a win-win.

Another "hack" I'm proud of is the clouds in the backgrounds. The clouds are actually based on the inside of a cylinder that rotates around the scene. Incredibly easy to implement, and I think it adds to the game.

Here's how it looks like in Blender:

My game is playable in the browser and mac I'm also on a mac, so it's a bummer I cannot play so many games.

Love the shitty feeling of this game

The best game I've played so far! The story was really funny and I love how you managed to make an engaging beat em up with only one button.

My only gripe is that Doktor Karate didn't use one-handed karate.

Incredibly well polished game! I'm surprised how much anyone can do in just 48 hours. It's not far off from being a game I wouldn't mind to pay for.

The only thing I see lacking is the adherence to the theme.

Thanks for the input. I understand now what you meant :)

Congrats on your score! I don't think I've reached that score myself :P

When you die you can press space to restart. I didn't have time to add a dialog for it, so I understand it's a bit unclear

Thanks for the comments :) 

There's supposed to be a health bar to the right, but I noticed post upload it can be off screen on smaller screens, which I guess happened to you