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You can turn it off in the options. 

I still have plans to extend this, but don't have the time right now!

Thanks for playing :)

I tried it out - wasn't entirely sure what was happening, though. Very chaotic!

I am indeed! I'm working on a remake in Unreal Engine. There's also a chance I go back and fix one or two quality of life issues in the original, but that's quite low priority right now.

Any plans to bring back the distance fog/dark lighting that some RGM games use?

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You could try "Run as administrator" - that worked for me!

Okay, been making some notes about a potential next patch. Not sure when though!

Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way to do this in the engine :(

Didn't get a chance this weekend. Sorry about that.

While it's not likely I'll add more levels, I will continue to improve what's there. And I do have plans to release a sequel of sorts sometime in the future.

Yeah, just about recovered now. COVID is the worst!

I'll look into a Mac version over the weekend 😉

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I'll look into this shortly - still getting over COVID. Can't be certain that I can support it though!


I believe I did. I stuck to the exact same dimensions and filetypes.

The Linux version was untested and added as a goodwill gesture to people that asked for it. I'll make that clearer in future (if I do another Linux version).

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It's just not supported by the engine, unfortunately.

Edit: I do have plans to move this to another engine that does support this.

Yes, I just made everything by hand. 

Make sure you have the game closed before you try to delete it - otherwise, I can't think of any other reason you can't delete it.

Thanks for playing!

Or just use the launcher:

Unzip the project somewhere and run Super.exe from the unzipped folder.

Then I'm not sure! Could be Windows Defender blocking it or something? Make sure your drivers and up to date, etc.

Did you unzip the project?

I'll see if I can add a toggle in a future patch.

I'm not sure, but I assume so?

Aye, I feel like I'm pushing my luck as it is! Standing on the shoulders of giants.

However, it might be fun to show something visual to show your current "strength". Currently, your overalls change from brown, to red, to white. I think both brown and white look bad though, so I'll probably just leave it as red and not draw any attention to that :)

Oh, that was a mistake - wasn't meant to be visible. Sorry about that!


Easy FPS Editor, aka "eFPSe".

Ah this is great. Really nice job with this!

Are you making sure to unzip the game before trying to run it?

Remember to unzip the project!

We're starting work on it soon :)

Sorry, no time right now.

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Yeah, we just had zero polish time. After a number of crashes occurring close to the deadline, we really had to scramble to get anything playable and tested.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I agree that using 2D dice on the menu, driving 3D dice in the world was a little confusing - I've got a potential solution for that in the post jam update. Same goes for the rolls themselves, we definitely didn't make it clear enough. Perks are only ever rolled on doubles (and they're temporary), so there's a good chance you didn't get one!

Yeah, progression was hampered by the fact that navmesh was broken in the shipping build :(

Thanks for playing!

I plan on finishing it, yes. There will be two more levels as well as a number of fixes here and there. Not sure when though!