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Oh nice! I will look into this tonight :)

I'd pick this up if you had Gravity Bone-like cuts for sure. I've yet to work that out myself :o

Done! Thanks for letting me know :)

I hope you eventually worked out the puzzle!

Thanks for playing :D

Hey, thanks for playing! I hope your worked out the jump puzzle eventually :)

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Yeah, I'd like to fix a couple of things - I'd like to remove some of the red herrings (where you thought you could place the runes, etc.). Some people have found it a little dark, so I'd also like to add a gamma slider.

Oh and of course I'd like to finish the easter egg too ;)

Oh wow, I have a super faint memory of that game! I never played it but remember the time when it was released. I'll look it up :)

Yeah, it's a shame. As always, by the time the jam was over, I'd built enough systems and nailed the  workflow to create more levels. Shame!

Yeah, this was actually a last minute change (it used to be on a separate button) so I feel that I didn't exactly relay the information to the player. I'd like to add a more interactive tutorial in the future.

Yeah, basically, the intention was if you completed the level fast and without any kills you'd get an A. Your rank would drop with each subsequent kill or a slower completion time. I'll add this in a post jam judging patch :)

So would I! I feel like there could be some interesting gameplay if I were to layer some enemies that were resistant to possession or perhaps some switches that require a hold rather than a press... worth thinking about :)

Their exaggerated animation is a holdover from the Saturday when the game looked a little goofier and far more retro - by about midnight on Saturday I realised that creating sprite animations was going to take me too long, so I went for a cleaner, abstract approach. But yeah, that's why the swinging is a little janky.

For fun, here's a screenshot of what the game looked like by the end of Saturday... I changed direction a lot on the Sunday, huh?

Unfortunately the rating system isn't working as I ran out of time (so get used to F grades!) however, you indeed guessed correctly that higher ratings would be achieved by killing fewer enemies. Also, time was going to be a factor, but I didn't have time to add a timer... :p

+1 for locking the cursor to the game window!

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Rebel Call is a simple little top-down, stealth/adventure game set in an authoritarian city.

Your job is to spread the word and fuel a rebel uprising to smash the state and free the people. By revealing your identity as a rebel, you are exposing yourself to the authorities. Here lies the complication; the citizens are fickle souls, and if you don’t keep them reassured, they will turn you in to the state. Therefore, your mission is to spread the message with all of the citizens in a district without any losing faith in your message.

You can play it here!

If you enjoyed the game, why not vote for it in Ludum Dare?

Oh and if you're curious but not enough to click a link, here's a video of how it looked during development...

Thanks for stopping by!

Scirra have since fixed one of the crashes that plagued me most during the jam \o/

Impressive! I was a big fan of the reload mechanics.

I wasn't sure what was going on in regards to "deflecting bullets" though...

Very cool. A simple idea, but executed really well - it's a tight mechanic.

The aesthetics are unique and there's an impressive amount of content to boot.

One of the best I've played this jam. Good work!

Yeah, it was definitely meant to be an introduction level. The eye ball "boss" was meant to be a standard enemy - I just buffed the health to give the game more of an ending.

And you better believe I wanted to do more with Juju/time slow. Moving the player faster for example. I just ran out of time. Rather ironic :)

Yeah, it wasn't until this morning that I realised this will be impossible to play on a trackpad due to requiring LMB and RMB at the same time. I'll add some alternate keys in an update :)

Thanks for playing Global Defense Corps :)

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic GBJAM on Kotaku
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A couple of the GBJAM games were featured on Kotaku :)

Pyxel Edit is great for animation, but I still use Photoshop for mockups and anything that isn't just single assets.

For this jam I used a mix of Pyxel Edit and Photoshop CSS.

I've actually used Asesprite for some previous game jams, but I always come back to Photoshop, and recently have started using Pyxel Edit for animation.

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Our entry was Global Defense Corps - we were only able to work on it for 3 days so it's pretty small, but I did get to timelapse some of my pixel art. Enjoy.

Looks nice. Very readable.