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Are you making sure to unzip the game before trying to run it?

Remember to unzip the project!

We're starting work on it soon :)

Sorry, no time right now.

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Yeah, we just had zero polish time. After a number of crashes occurring close to the deadline, we really had to scramble to get anything playable and tested.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I agree that using 2D dice on the menu, driving 3D dice in the world was a little confusing - I've got a potential solution for that in the post jam update. Same goes for the rolls themselves, we definitely didn't make it clear enough. Perks are only ever rolled on doubles (and they're temporary), so there's a good chance you didn't get one!

Yeah, progression was hampered by the fact that navmesh was broken in the shipping build :(

Thanks for playing!

I plan on finishing it, yes. There will be two more levels as well as a number of fixes here and there. Not sure when though!

Thanks for playing! It would be really helpful if you could elaborate on those frustrations around the upgrade mechanics :)

Good feedback! Thanks for playing :)

Glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Yeah, the single dice being locked to accuracy was a bug we didn't get to fix in time for submission :(

Thanks for playing though!

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The opposite, you choose which stats you want to upgrade. That's good feedback for the UI in a post jam release. Thanks for playing!

Ah yeah, the Uzi and Shotgun were added afterwards for fun :)

When I get time, that's the plan!

Oh I started just updating the YouTube playlist here: THE INTERVAL DEVLOG

It's not out yet... should just be a day or two :D

Post no. 5

Probably about time I setup a game page for this and a proper devlog, eh.

Post 4!

Third post :)

I made it in Blender and then added it as a replacement for a sprite in the models folder. You’ll need an md3 exporter to create the correct file format. I’ll see if I can make a video outlining the process. You’ll need to be quite familiar with Blender though!

Second post!

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Heh, they're just rough placeholders. Nice and expressive though!

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I thought it would be fun to track progress of the entry I'm working on here.

First post!

Personally I find the goal is working out how to bleed as much as you can from a mechanic, theme or setpiece and showcase it within a level. Then do the same with another mechanic, theme or setpiece in the next level. Do this until you have exhausted the toolset/your pool of ideas without repeition and you'll end up with a good set of levels.

For reference, in the RGM jam using the toolset available to me, I felt that (given the number of assets and ingredients I had created) the sweet spot was 4 levels. However, this tooset seems a little more advanced, so I feel it's very much down to how much you lean into the unique mechanics available/how many additional features you script.

I mean sure, if you'd like :D

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Did you unzip the files to a folder and run from there?

Unreal Engine 4!

At some point I will work on a VR version :)

It is possible to get the first version to run in VR - but I don't officially support it (yet).

It looks like the levels are all flipped! Not game breaking but some of the signs don't make sense and some textures don't work well (like the fake doors in reception). Nice and smooth though!

Yep, I think it'll be one of the first options I add once I start tackling menus!

Oh hey, that sounds great! Will it support itch embeds?

Should have another devlog up soon!

Sorry you had those mouse issues, for anyone else having mouse issues...

If you’re having mouse issues when running your game, right-click the game application in your file explorer, navigate to compatibility and select Change High DPI Settings. Once here, you’ll need to override the high DPI scaling behaviour caused by the application.

Sure, go ahead!

Thanks for playing!

Yep, probably because there are .bat to allow for fullscreen modes.

We were aware that the view bob was a little off - it was simply implemented but we ran out of time to tune the values to something less vomit inducing. Sorry about that!

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing, we're pretty happy with how things turned out :)