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Nice game! Only 2 bad points is not everything is collideable(the rocks near the center wasn’t) and the scrolls can be found out of order, so you won’t know if you missed the previous scroll.

Otherwise it was quite enjoyable and relaxing

I really enjoyed this game. It captures the feeling nearly perfectly. The mouse sensitivity felt a bit low to me, and the lack of a checkout also seemed odd, but otherwise very atmospheric and enjoyable

Yeah I took inspiration from Devil Daggers, I’m glad you enjoyed it though! :)

Fantastic use of the 20 theme. Only really 2 criticisms I can make, the objective for the game doesn't feel like it's fully tutorialised. At first I was just nuking literally everyone I could see hahah(but then I made sense of what I was meant to do in the 2nd playthrough)! 2nd criticism is on the controls feeling a bit difficult to use, it might've worked better using the scroll wheel for example(though I think the controls being difficult might add to the tension haha)?

Overall, I thought this was a pretty fun game to play!

Thanks for trying it out icejet! :D

Thanks! :)

Quite a fun and innovative game, Personally some bugs/minor issues. If you aim down, sometimes(inconsistent) the rocket will explode and other times it won't, meaning rocket jumping is a bit difficult. Movement in the air and ground feels relatively tight and strong. When you go outside, the light makes seeing some things very difficult. One example is the circular staircase. I didn't realise it was there 'til the eyeballs killed me xD

I did find the level design to be quite intuitive and interesting however. The tutorial at the start showing the player how to play rather than directly teaching them was very interesting, Though I still had to check the controls to know that you could explode rockets or pause them or slow them. Also I was able to go through most of the game avoiding the enemies and mainly rocket jumping. I think the rocket jumping mechanic could make for a superb 3-D airy/movement based game.

Overall, I have to say this was quite a well made and well executed idea.

Awesome game, Really feels quite good to play, and really makes bullet hells... more hell xD. Overall awesome game dawg!

Game feels impactful and juicy, really well polished Sean. Lots of fun. Main gripe is that I didn't figure out how to juju until the boss xD

You crazy man!

Aye, I agree. Still very fun and cool game though!

Except you still take damage on the way up

The collisions are a bit off in this game for moving around the terrain, but I did find the concept for this game to quite interesting. Nice job

Quite a fun game, but I feel that when you attack the enemies, the hits don't feel that strong. They feel much lighter than what I'd imagine they should be like. The interactions between the fire and ice are actually quite cool and well thought out as a lot was done with those 2 ideas. The game's style and aesthetic is quite impressive for a short time period. Overall, I really liked this game, Good work!

Holy moly, Nice one man. I could only ever get to 7 digits xD

The controls on a keyboard feels cluttered. I understand that it was designed to be played on Controller but I'm a keyboard cat. I found myself mistaking the E to be Shift and vice versa. The input also feels slightly delayed, which might be due to the slight hit delay or the time length of the attacks. I also found myself not using the target reticule at times due to the difficulty in using it in the middle of a fight.

What I absolutely do love is the amount of polish the different aspects of the game recieve. The art style perfectly aligns with the dream-scape the game intends to deliver. The fights were well paced requiring knowledge of the enemies. Overall this is an excellent game for its position as in an Alpha state. If you continue to work on this following the tight control scheme and excellent combat that is reminiscent of Dark Souls I can see this becoming a fan favorite of those liking Dark Souls.