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Quite a fun and innovative game, Personally some bugs/minor issues. If you aim down, sometimes(inconsistent) the rocket will explode and other times it won't, meaning rocket jumping is a bit difficult. Movement in the air and ground feels relatively tight and strong. When you go outside, the light makes seeing some things very difficult. One example is the circular staircase. I didn't realise it was there 'til the eyeballs killed me xD

I did find the level design to be quite intuitive and interesting however. The tutorial at the start showing the player how to play rather than directly teaching them was very interesting, Though I still had to check the controls to know that you could explode rockets or pause them or slow them. Also I was able to go through most of the game avoiding the enemies and mainly rocket jumping. I think the rocket jumping mechanic could make for a superb 3-D airy/movement based game.

Overall, I have to say this was quite a well made and well executed idea.

Thanks for playing and enjoying! The disappearing rockets was a glitch I wrestled with for a long time. If I moved the rocket spawn point in further, it would explode inside the player collision capsule, and if I moved it further out, it would spawn in or through walls (as you were experiencing). I'm gonna have to do some more tinkering to see if I can find a sweet spot.

I really appreciate the detailed feedback! After all the feedback I've received, I definitely have decided that making rocket jumping a bigger part of the game would be something I would do if I furthered the concept. It's just a balancing act of making players rocket platform and rocket jump when you want them to!