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Thank you for your kind comment :)

Now I added the Boss fight and win screen.

Thank you for your comment :)
Now it is endless-dungeon type. But I will make something end-game feature in the future update.
I started to develop this game about 10 days ago. I will make more feature!

Ah, thank you :)

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horrogue is a casual roguelite action game.
The dungeons are made with the procedural generation.
You can play the different maps every times.
Now it's beta.
I will develop more. I want to improve this game.
Please let me know what you think.

Thank you for playing and comment :) Wow, 2604 times :)

Thank you for playing and comment!
Ah sorry,  I didn't make it clear enough. It's one planet. And 5 environments. 
My English is very poor. I couldn't tell the story for English version.

Thank you for your playing and suggestion :)
Yeah, the gui of food and fuel need some texts. I will improve them in the future update.

EFTP Playing

I made this game for the unityroom 1week JAM. 
Unityroom is japanese unity3D user community. 
Now I made the English version.

How to play:
Mouse only.
Switching 5 cameras, you have to click the monsters and boxes.
Complete the items, fuels and foods in five minutes.

Great fun game :)

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Planet simulation game. 

You have to manage some resources. 

Stability, watar, metal, life and civilization.

The asteroid will approach your planet in UC10000.

You have to make the Laser Barrier. Defeat the asteroid!

Sorry for my late replay. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing and reviewing!

Thank you for visiting! I would like some feedback.