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I did not expect that was what was behind the secret door :O

This was a very well-made game, though letting the quit game button be escape would make sense and have it reset automatically or allow any button to reset after you get caught.  Moving from one screen to another was scary since I couldn't see where the guards were, and it caught me out a couple times.  However, the guards themselves moved very fluidly and were placed in such a way that it made the gameplay really enjoyably.  Their short vision ranges kept it from being frustrating.  The atmosphere was also wonderful, with the darkness and colored lights, and the intrigue music theme in the background.

Very clever.  It took me quite a while to realize that in order to interact with something, you needed to use the verb symbol followed by the symbol that appeared over the object when you used the look action.  Had to end up looking at the walkthrough just to see what was meant to happen.  However, I think the usage of drawings for interactions worked out very well, though I would suggest allowing the drawing to occur anywhere on the screen, rather than in that tiny box.  It was hard to make the more detailed shapes in such a small area.  This was especially problematic in the end room where I had to put out the fire.  The symbol for fire was much to close to the symbol for door, so I kept trying to put out the fire and instead ended up with the door symbol.  Overall though, very neat!  I can only imagine how difficult it was to get the drawing-recognition program to work in such a short amount of time!

Really cool idea, and the effects are awesome (though a bit over the top haha).  I love that the pieces of your past lives still hang around and are physical objects instead of just disappearing into nothingness.  However, a problem I had was that the bombs felt a little inconsistent, sometimes bringing me near dead in one hit, sometimes just budging me a little though both times they were about the same distance away.  For the most part though, that wasn't that big of an issue, and save points were distributed often enough that I didn't become frustrated whenever I died when I was trying to.  Overall, it fit the theme quite nicely and uniquely, and I enjoyed it enough to complete it :)

This is such an awesome game, I can't believe this was made in only the 48 hours!  I don't even know what to say as feedback.  The difficulty curve was excellent, everything was an A-level of creepy, the boomerang was satisfying and easy to use, like I don't really know what to say.

I guess the only issue I had with it was the pause to submit the score, since I'm not that interested in keeping track. Maybe just put how well you did with the option to put the score to a scoreboard, but also have a skip button?

Really great idea for a puzzle game, and I love the art style! The main issue I have is it was a pain trying to remember all the different paths everyone was going on.  I'd suggest potentially changing it to a line drawn on the ground instead scrolling over the characters to find where they're going.  Maybe have a different color for each character in case the paths crossover each other, and for characters heading in just one direction, have an arrow pointing that way.  Besides that though, really neat!

Oh my goodness you are so right.  It took only one line of code being changed to effectively slide along walls, and it made it so much better!  I can't believe I didn't realize that xD

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Man Toothless Vampire is good, the game-feel is excellent.  I may or may not have just spent 10 whole minutes just flying around squashing archers, racking up to like either 5,000 or 50,000 points I think.  There's a couple feedbacks I'd like to give though.  For one, the music felt really out of place.  The 8-bit style obviously fit perfectly, but the music sounded more like it was supposed to be in a flashback rather than actual gameplay.  And the second is that, in my opinion, the score should reset each time you die.  In a game like this, one gets satisfaction from seeing how well they did compared to how they did before.  Since the score stacks, it didn't really show how well I did, just how long I played for.  Awesome game though, was a ton of fun!

Yeah, unfortunately I made the level in the last hour of the Jam, so it's not made well for the type of abilities you have.  If it were just several big open rooms, it would be significantly easier.  Thanks a bunch for the feedback :D