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Live the short journey of a chick finding it's way to hatching.
Submitted by Quentin Delvallet (@Omegnight) — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
It matches the theme with it's main mechanics, the floor dragging that serves everything in the game, like neutralising dangerous traps, making your character jump and building paths to the exits.

Third-party resources
The game was made using the Monogame​ engine and the Farseer Physics​ engine. Every art in the game was either made by me or is part of public domain.

The music was made by Yd​ and is also part of public domain.

Everything is designed and developped by me alone.

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Great idea!! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks! It's always fun to see someone playing your games !


Cool idea that could be explored further, not sure about it being relaxing - that last level was impossible for me. The floor dragging was kind of unresponsive at times. Also seemed that the dualpurpose of the floor dragging wasn't emphasized as much as it was mainly used to launch the chick around.


An interesting idea with an emotional output. The atmosphere was really good too as the galaxy pattern and the music mesh well.  I'd make the graphics further harmonize with those two. I really liked the idea of using the dragging to get the chick to jump.  I kinda wish there were more levels like that before all of a sudden brick-walling me with a tight puzzle block room.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'd like to echo what SyllabusGames said. The game is pretty chill with that music and all, which, according to your description, is the mood you were going for. But I feel that the last level undermines it a little bit by demanding extremely precise input (mostly since going too high and touching the ceiling resets you back to the start). So after a couple dozen retries the intended mood was no longer there and the one-word description of this level in my head firmly changed from "challenging" to "frustrating". Eventually I ran out of patience and cheated my way to the ending. All in all, I think it took away from the experience somewhat.

On the technical side of things, occasionally my mouse drag didn't register when I clicked on the platforms, though it generally wasn't a problem and didn't prevent me from almost beating the game.

I loved the mechanics overall and the feel of using the momentum of moving platforms to launch the chick in space to reach its target. The idea is really nice and the game looks and feels very good, so well done to you. (Also nice pun in the title.)


This is a very creative concept! I love the approach you took. Feels like a puzzle game I could get addicted to. And I love the chill vibe. It doesent capture the theme as well as it should, but it is a fun game and cool mechanic


Sorry, but I gave up after retrying the level with a bunch of walls you have to jump over for the fifth time. The difficulty would have been a bit high even if the level didn't take a few slow minutes to get though.

The game mechanics are definitely interesting. I especially liked the second level which is where I noticed that instead of walking places, I could just hurl the chick and hope for the best which I found hilarious.

A very interesting game that was a bit slow and unforgiving. If I didn't have 775 other games staring me down, I would likely have finished it.

Developer (1 edit)

It's actually the last level with actual challenge, I'm actually glad you were able to go this far, thanks for your feedback !

I actually coded a button for myself that skips the levels and decided not to remove it. So if you want to see the 5 seconds  ending you can skip all the levels using the "L" button.


Thanks! I cheated my way back to that last screen and gave it about 10 more tries and finally made it through. I appreciate that you gave the game an ending. Many of these games are either endless, or just kind-of stop.