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it would take a lot of memory to remember EVERY door

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gur tyvgpu bzrtn xrl qbrf abg tvir gur cher bzrtn xrl jura lbh bcra n cher qbbe orsber vg, znlor sbepr gur cynlre gb teno gur tyvgpu xrl gb cerirag pbashfvba /w

These doors would be like normal, but the outside outline would be te negative, but the lock(s) would be positive, or the pther way around. This would keep the door requirement the same, but the cost the negative of what it would be, for example, a negative orange door with a 1 orange lock would need 1 orange to be opened, but would spend -1 keys (and thus give 1 key).


the ability to differenciate between hubs and levels would be nice, also better ui for levels (like a preveiw, a bunch of levels in one screen)

i want a level as a hub, but i can't seem to remove the goal, can someone help?


it would be nice if there was an editor to make new worlds, levels, even more moddy things like new effects or keys or door types, and it wouold be cool to try everything that you could that wasn't in the main game, like (rot13ed) hfvat v-ivrj gb nibvq bcravat qbbef jvgu ab vzntvanel pbclvrf.

how doesVIIIXXXID work??????????????????????????

i can't see any dialog

then change them...

oh, maybe like a checkbox in the settings for if you want to or not, and maybe jumping to a planet keeps you at the sam roatation and lowly cathches up as you move around.

and a way to see the moons when they are behind the planets

you should add an option to rotate the camera with the player

so it's comming out this month?

i'm stuck in the wall


the pawn doesn't attack those squares

i can't get the bunny

13,4, because it's at the top and near the middle

i can't get out

and the area with the bunny can't be left because the pillars in the holes dissapear

you can't push rocks onto the are that has water and stones, making it impossible to get left or leave the area below the fox

that's what i did for this

and how do i solve room 11,18 (the middle section)

what do i do to create the f flags?

there is also a [error] cat if you go in two directions at once in the level editor

i'm stuck, what should i do next?

also how do i fullscreen

how did you get to that room way at the top near the middle?

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i never knew that (spoilers)

if you get the secret crypted by going in 2 directions in the level editor, you get it in your normal save

found a backup  of it

it said, "if you see this, there is likely a bug. Please report this to the developer ASAP"

wait why is it cut in half

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where do i contact the developer or report a bug? i opened the game and got this screen (oh wait it's up there), Also WHERE IS MY PROGRESS???

oh btw it said, "if you see this, there is likely a bug. Please report this to the developer ASAP"

what is the point of the small crate?

yea i already beat it

so you cant

how did you make stuff slide like that?