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Thank you for the feedback and comments :) We're working on releasing an updated version that gives focus to just the relaxing elements (or just the frantic elements) depending on game mode/difficulty

This game feels really good to control. The one nitpick I have is that how to dash is only shown on the wall after the first pit and none of the controls shown to me on the wall at the start of the game let me cross the pit. This confused me for a moment as I pressed other buttons (using left shift to dash instead) to cross the pit. Otherwise, it's a beautiful game, I really like the art style and animation.

Thank you very much for the feedback. Do you think a tutorial including the graphics of each stage of the plant would help in showing the player when it needs to be watered?

Fun game, challenging. It took me a few tries to get the hang of the controls. I like how you managed to do so much with so few buttons. Good job!

Amazing artwork! I like the concept, although it can be difficult to balance all three environments and once there was game over I had to restart the .exe file to play again (maybe add a reset button). Really cool overall though.