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Awesome work, I'm impressed with all the 3d models, textures, animations and so on that you managed to put in the game in such a short timespan!

Also the fact that it runs buttery smooth in webgl is awesome, nice work!

Thank you very much for playing!

Yeah, the second level in the 1.1 version is really hard, that's the reason we posted a post-jam update, removing it.

Thanks for the positive feedback, it means a ton to us!!! :)

No worries, I died many more times in the tutorial during the countless tests :D

Thank you very much for playing, we're super happy you had fun!

Delivered :)

haha! Indeed :D

I liked it alot! Controls felt  nice and were simple, projectiles went where you'd expect, cute graphics, nice sound. The exploding chest particles were hard to dodge from time to time, especially the big ones.

Lovely little game! :)

Super fun little game, feels nice to play and polished! Everything fits together.

Might be a little hard to learn but it's difficulty is also a fun part of it! :)

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback!

The clarity of where the hook goes and when it will land is definetly the games biggest problem, but we didn't have the time to make it feel perfect. Gamejam Problems :D

And yes that level is the last level, thanks for forcing your way through it :)

Wow! Amazing game! Absolutely love it!

Music fits, graphics fit, gameplay feels really solid, controls are nicely explained during gameplay, you guys did an amazing job!

Took me a moment to understand that the bar on your back is the time you have left :D

Cool concept :)

After understanding how to play the game, it became really fun! Awesome concept!! :)

Thanks alot for the feedback! We uploaded a postjam update, cutting the super hard levels and only leaving the really fun ones :)

The music was moody but super loud on my system.

Fun little game :)

The cat sprites are adoreable! :)

Cute little game

The controls felt very spot on! And the spritework is lovely :)

The mechanic where you change the electricity thingies that block your path could have used a little explanation, but overall very cool game!

I love the drawing of the background and the house, super adoreable! :)

The hitbox felt a bit clunky due to the upper left and right edges, which made one of the spike traps hard.

Well done overall :)

Thanks very much for your feedback! 

You're definetly right, there should be an idicator for when the grapple can reach and when not.

And yes, it would keep you from standing around waiting for the slow motion to refill. 

Thanks alot for the input and we're super happy you liked the game!! :)

Wow this feels amazing! Super reminds me of old gameboy titles! :)

Great music and artwork. Also well done on explaining the mechanics within gameplay.

Love the idea!  Cute little game ^-^

Whoohoo the retro is real! awesome visuals! Music also fits perfectly!

Thank you so much for your feedback! Means a ton to us!

We're thinking about taking this concept further :) Great Idea for the not-touch-the-ground run!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

We know the 2nd level is hard, we'd put it further back but we kinda forgot about that and now the 48 hours are over. But that's how a jam is ^-^

Wow, this looks amazing! You two make a great team. Great work!

Feels like a finished title and it's done within 48 hours. How? :D

Love the sound combined with the music!