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A jam entry

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Save innocent creatures....or... Listen to the demon
Submitted by KnightmareGames (@PlayKnightmare) with 6 minutes before the deadline

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This game has many multi-mechanics in play, the biggest being the portal grenade, used to platform, for offense, and for mobility. Another dual purpose mechanic is the sacrifice, which offers many buffs at the cost of a poor cute creatures life.

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I've managed to beat the game with all animals collected and no sacrifices!

Teleporting grenades, once you get the hang of it, is really satisfying to use. Being able to telefrag enemies with it is also very cool. However, not being able to cancel an existing grenade can be troublesome. Especially if the shot misses and needing to start from the bottom of the level again. Despite having so many creatures in my inventory, I never felt I had the need to use it. Perhaps the game was too easy, or there was no major incentive to use them.
Aside from some other minor glitches/bugs, the game is quite nice.


Thanks for playing Spartawarrior! Yeah beating the game is pretty easy at the moment, and you definitely don't need to sacrifice anything in able to do it. If we explore building out the game in the future you can hopefully expect some real gameplay choices when it comes to sacrificing things, or just that mechanic removed entirely. Also i totally agree about the cancelled grenade thing, that is a must.... i was thinking if the grenade comes to  a stop without the player activating it themselves it just disappears, then you can fire again. So you are without a grenade when you shoot a mishot, but at least you aren't totally f'd  by being teleported somewhere you dont want to be. If you don't mind... what minor glitches and bugs did you find? i know there were a couple spots you could get stuck when you transform, and a bat that would stick to you occasionally lol.

(Edited 1 time)
  • There was a glitch where the Game Over and the You Win would not cover the entire screen, so a bit of the level could be seen. Don't know if that was intentional but I felt like it wasn't.
  • The You Win dialogue loops forever (also can't tell if intentional, but it doesn't loop when you lose).
  • You're able to shoot through locked gates.
  • There's a level where the creatures in your inventory overlaps the lowest part of the level. It may confuse people.
Those are the ones I could name off the top of my head. I may be able to find more if I play again.

Hey thanks for reporting those to me!  Noted. Will track down and fix them all.

I think that you may have broke guidelines by submitting this game into two different Jams. GM48 and GMTK, but do you lol

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I disagree, the only thing we did by submitting into two different jams is cripple our game trying to satisfy two different themes. I do not recommend it. They ran from almost the exact same time frame and I just went and reread the  both jam guidelines, definitely didn't break any rules there. Thanks for your concern Brayden. Keep fighting the good fight.


Pretty good concept and a solid little game.  My only issue is that the difficulty is a little low and lies more in getting a good bounce with the grenade than anything. It felt more trial and error than skill in those instances, and the lack of a way to cancel a grenade didn't help. It wound up being kinda frustrating  having to teleport back two or three times just because you got a wild bounce.  My suggestion would be to add in some kind of cancel button, or to separate the grenade and activation buttons to allow you to retry a shot without having to jump back up.

The other side of the coin is that the enemies offer practically no increase in difficulty. If they were able to kill you in one hit, I would've only died once during the entire game. They feel kind of vestigial if they don't pose a threat. Maybe an enemy with a ranged attack would shake things up?


Definitely. I agreed with everything, except the luck > skill. It's not like the grenade has random bounces... The bouncing is extremely consistent and therefore very predictable, if you cant make a gap it's not due to luck.  The cancel teleport is a must, and the game is easy in my opinion as well, but you can't cater to everybody because some people that have played have thought it was difficult. We had art for 2 more enemies but i did not code them in, and you may not have realized but the fire cats don't even hit you lol. Just ran out of time. First 48 hour game jam and I didn't prioritize correctly I don't think. If we go back and try to complete this game in the future, it will turn into more of a shmup and you can expect it to be smoother and have actually decent AI hopefully lol. Thanks for playing though, i appreciate the time and effort.


Totally understandable. There's only so much we can accomplish in 48 hours.


I just need more time in my 48 hours and then i'd be all set haha


It was a lot of fun to aim a long range  portal grenade and the shooting was really satisfying.

I did find it kind of sluggish with the movement and delay on the portal jump but I do understand why it's there.

Definitely kept me entertained for all the levels.


Thanks for playing! Portal grenade needs smoothed out, check haha. Glad you had some fun.


Really cool twist on the portal mechanic! Love the voiceovers and completed the game. The lag in activating it might be intentional but would control tighter without that lag. The background is also kind of hard to tell from the walls and platforms as it doesn't contrast. Reaching a portal also immediately puts you to the next level which is kind of jarring. Otherwise a solid entry!


Activation lag was intentional, I think my idea was to emphasis the teleport so that way the player doesn't get lost on the screen and give themselves more time to orient. Background contrast i agree with, the full solid color compared to minor pinched detail is a decent enough contrast, but there definitely could be more. I personally like immediately porting through, but agreed that it is jarring. Thanks for the feedback and taking time to play. It will be infinitely useful if we go back and polish/expand (on) this into a full game.


Beat the game and enjoyed it bunches. The mechanics are kinda like Portal and Contra boned. The portal ability feels satisfying because you can damage enemies but it's risky as it might put you into a dangerous spot. Wasn't till after I beat the game I realized I was killing the animals so now the voiceover/blood animation makes sense. Very fun.


Thanks for playing, and for following. I think we nailed it with the portal/contra splice tele-grenade, I love that mechanic and would like to build the game around that if we pursue it in the future., but i agree that alot of the sacrificing is unclear and in general just kinda plain. I'm gonna blame it on running out of time lol ;)


Pretty cool entry~ Fun to shoot and jump about, although the portal grenade could use some work... Takes way too long to settle down, and ends up throwing me elsewhere in the level! Otherwise, a promising game... A boss battle would make things interesting~


Thanks for playing! Yeah the portal grenade was made intentionally to settle that slowly because i expected most of the time the player would detonate the grenade earlier for more precision, and this would allow the player to do a bunch of cool run/juke tricks. That being said it does seem a little on the bouncy side. If I come back to this project, I would love to give more of shmup feel, which would obviously include some awesome boss battles. 


This game is pretty nice. It definitely had quite a bit of charm and personality for a game jam title (mostly due to the voices you added). I found it quite fun to play and I thought the granade mechanic had a satisfying feel to it. I do, however, think that a bit more incentive to not eat the animals would have added more depth to the mechanic. Perhaps there is a better ending or something if you don't kill any of them, but I didn't reach the end so I can't know. Overall, a good entry!


Hey thank you so much for playing! So because I had so much fun making the voices and giving the personality, I actually think I ran out of time coding the logic to fully utilize the sacrifice. When i play it, i agree with you, there just isn't enough depth to that mechanic. I think we were on the right track but really didn't hit the mark on it. That being said I am still very happy with how everything turned out! This may be a project i pick back up later to build out more functionality and maybe try to go commercial with. There is a lot of potential but man 48 hours is a lot less than you think when you get down to it haha.


This game is very fun to play. I love how easy it is and I love the voices which adds even more fun to it. Definitely another game I'd recommend to anyone. The name however confuses me. What was your inspiration behind it? *coughs*


It kind of comes from a Plumbus from Rick and Morty. It's just one of those names that has such deep meaning that you just would never understand it haha. Thanks for playing and commenting!