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Thanks for playing and thanks for the suggestions!

Thank you for playing!

I didn't even make accessibility considerations but will try to address that with the cursor specifically asap.
I personally think the idea of the gameplay was better than how much we got done in the 48 hours but if we continue to do work the player will definitely have invulnerability as they swap it up

Thanks for playing bb!

I'll pass compliments along to the artist, I love how the style turned out. Thank you very much for playing!

Thanks for playing space! =]

Thanks for playing. I'd love to expand on this idea in the future!

Thanks for playing wigglebot. I'm very disappointed with the amount of content i got done for this jam but i learned a ton and think the concept was really good. Just didn't get enough gameplay unfortunately.

Thanks. I failed this game jam really bad. I didn't do a good job prioritizing gameplay and i got stuck with a mechanic i ended up tossing out in the last few hours so this is what was left. the numbers in the top left were for debugging lol, i struggled. Thanks for playing though!

Hoping he will post the link again for those of us who are new to the Krassjam

I see what you mean. Will do!

Thank you! Is it just so you can see more detail in the sprites? I purposefully made it zoomed out like that so that way you have more time to prepare for the incoming enemies. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve this because I do want to continue on and build this game into a full product.

I've bought and read this book. I highly recommend it.

Too bad it is a secret! Thanks for playing =)

Hey thanks for reporting those to me!  Noted. Will track down and fix them all.

Thanks for playing Spartawarrior! Yeah beating the game is pretty easy at the moment, and you definitely don't need to sacrifice anything in able to do it. If we explore building out the game in the future you can hopefully expect some real gameplay choices when it comes to sacrificing things, or just that mechanic removed entirely. Also i totally agree about the cancelled grenade thing, that is a must.... i was thinking if the grenade comes to  a stop without the player activating it themselves it just disappears, then you can fire again. So you are without a grenade when you shoot a mishot, but at least you aren't totally f'd  by being teleported somewhere you dont want to be. If you don't mind... what minor glitches and bugs did you find? i know there were a couple spots you could get stuck when you transform, and a bat that would stick to you occasionally lol.

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I disagree, the only thing we did by submitting into two different jams is cripple our game trying to satisfy two different themes. I do not recommend it. They ran from almost the exact same time frame and I just went and reread the  both jam guidelines, definitely didn't break any rules there. Thanks for your concern Brayden. Keep fighting the good fight.

I just need more time in my 48 hours and then i'd be all set haha

Thanks for playing! Portal grenade needs smoothed out, check haha. Glad you had some fun.

Definitely. I agreed with everything, except the luck > skill. It's not like the grenade has random bounces... The bouncing is extremely consistent and therefore very predictable, if you cant make a gap it's not due to luck.  The cancel teleport is a must, and the game is easy in my opinion as well, but you can't cater to everybody because some people that have played have thought it was difficult. We had art for 2 more enemies but i did not code them in, and you may not have realized but the fire cats don't even hit you lol. Just ran out of time. First 48 hour game jam and I didn't prioritize correctly I don't think. If we go back and try to complete this game in the future, it will turn into more of a shmup and you can expect it to be smoother and have actually decent AI hopefully lol. Thanks for playing though, i appreciate the time and effort.

Activation lag was intentional, I think my idea was to emphasis the teleport so that way the player doesn't get lost on the screen and give themselves more time to orient. Background contrast i agree with, the full solid color compared to minor pinched detail is a decent enough contrast, but there definitely could be more. I personally like immediately porting through, but agreed that it is jarring. Thanks for the feedback and taking time to play. It will be infinitely useful if we go back and polish/expand (on) this into a full game.

Thanks for playing, and for following. I think we nailed it with the portal/contra splice tele-grenade, I love that mechanic and would like to build the game around that if we pursue it in the future., but i agree that alot of the sacrificing is unclear and in general just kinda plain. I'm gonna blame it on running out of time lol ;)

Thanks for playing! Yeah the portal grenade was made intentionally to settle that slowly because i expected most of the time the player would detonate the grenade earlier for more precision, and this would allow the player to do a bunch of cool run/juke tricks. That being said it does seem a little on the bouncy side. If I come back to this project, I would love to give more of shmup feel, which would obviously include some awesome boss battles. 

It kind of comes from a Plumbus from Rick and Morty. It's just one of those names that has such deep meaning that you just would never understand it haha. Thanks for playing and commenting!

Hey thank you so much for playing! So because I had so much fun making the voices and giving the personality, I actually think I ran out of time coding the logic to fully utilize the sacrifice. When i play it, i agree with you, there just isn't enough depth to that mechanic. I think we were on the right track but really didn't hit the mark on it. That being said I am still very happy with how everything turned out! This may be a project i pick back up later to build out more functionality and maybe try to go commercial with. There is a lot of potential but man 48 hours is a lot less than you think when you get down to it haha.

Thanks for checking the game out! I appreciate you exposing me to this jam, was a ton of fun and a really good experience.

So in the starting area there are 3 paths, upper left, upper right, and right. They all can be used! One of my roommates uses the upper left as his speed running path, i prefer the snake path on the right personally. So yes! it can be used. Thanks for playing. It just takes a little bit of practice to up your time. Someone sent me a video of them getting it in under 20 seconds. Pretty impressive as i made the game and couldn't beat that.

Glad you got it figured out. Personally, my favorite route (and fastest) involves shifting at least twice! Feel free to experiment and try to get better times. Thanks for playing

Fluffy, there are definitely ways to progress beyond the bottom floor. I don't want to ruin the game for you but there are even a few ways to beat the game just as a human, without transforming! There are many, many ways to go up! Drop me a message tho if you can't figure it out and want me to give you some help.

Thanks! We will look into developing this game further in the future, with more levels, effects, animals, and environments, but for now Spark is our main priority! We really need to finish that bad boy.

Thanks for playing! Nice time too... it took me a while to get under 25 seconds. I decided I didn't want to advertise the transformation mechanic because I think it is cool to discover organically, but I can definitely see how that causes confusion. I also think just adding some visual effects in when the transformation happens could go a long way in letting the player know what actually is happening. Hope you enjoyed yourself regardless and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing. There are definitely some balancing issues as far as creature usefulness. When I get some time, I hope to re balance some of that. Oddly enough my fastest path (21 seconds ish) doesn't involve a bird. Another thing i want to handle is to control a little bit of the randomness in AI behavior, because in speed running games there is supposed to be a lot more uniformity in AI patterns. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I'd love to hear them. 

Yeah thank you for playing and taking the time to write a comment. It's meant to be sort of a SpeedRun game, so its all about finding the right path, then shaving off seconds by practicing it over and over! But i agree the first  tries can be really difficult. Thanks for playing

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Ayyy not bad! Thanks for playing, and thanks for hosting the jam. This is my first one and it was super fun.

I've been playing it while making it so its interesting to see how people do. without being exposed to it... My best is 28 seconds!

I'm actually super sad I am not #1 on the leaderboards, can't believe i'm bad at my own game hahaha.

Oh no worries at all just letting you know what I ran into! I am also working on a quick game for this jam so i understand. Cheers

Fun game! I had some issues with the box getting stuck in corners, and then i was no longer able to rotate the puzzle. But nice work, i enjoyed it!