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Хорошо история подана.

Крутая игра получилась.
Мне понравилось

Сделал все что можно. Понравилось
Отличная игра

Так и не получилось унести банку с огурцами...
это печально

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Everything is good and polished
I get some enjoyment - did few attempts ~10k score

But camera is garbage - unplayble for me and dealbreaker
i will never buy this game because of this camera
Main problem is: you can look ahead OR shoot enemies
you CANT do both at same time
which is gamedesign failure
- To survive player "flow" around enemies and shoot to sides and backside of own movement
so player always look backward and will stuck at objects in front

Also camera is too close
which is cool but you cant see shit
and dont have any zoom control 

just check classic games like "Crimsonland"
to get some ideas

PS. with better camera, better sounds for enemy death and hits, with different weapons and maps - I would buy such a game for sure - its fun indeed

Simple game but very fun to play. Movement flow is sleek

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Oh! Thank you for adding Source!
i was very interested to look how its made - and now i can do it : ]

Sure. Oh that's how to do it - ha ha.
I always turned left at third 90' corner - because there is no clear indication of turn direction..
First and Second corners have smooth rounding wall - which indicates where to turn
ps. thank you for video

unexpectedly very fun game and concept : ]

PS. was rage-quit at final level with maze
At some corner i dont see where i should turn to continue
tried different path few time and quit

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shooting sounds is too loud - and turrets shoot not in crosshair!
But i have fun in this game : ]
and i like music

PS. its like ocean pirate which load cannon with every-day-items instead of cannonballs

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oh wow - i just read description at this game page..
So player should be on resistance side - but not always to avoid suspicion.
clever story concept - its really good
but it must be "inside of game - before the play"

Cool game - nice concept - i like it.
Feels like the game was inspired by "Papers, Please"

PS. Needs short tutorial instruction about "propaganda is good - and resistance is bad"
At first play i just block propaganda and resistance calls all together.

and game really needs some sounds!
kind of strange to see phone call without sound : ]

also will be nice - if wire after connection will "snap" at center of circle
this is one of those things that just gives comfort - ha ha 

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Nice game
Difficult curve is too stiff at this level (i drop game at this point)

not only it give two challenge elements at same time at begin of level

it also have same thing after - at exit part of level

and after you glad to complete 1st part - you instantly punished at second part - and start all over again

i finally add Horizontal Camera Mouse Control ha ha
feels good

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why not just add step by step tutorial for a first test dagger
Which (dagger) also will give sense of first accomplishment and first money for selling first dagger

and you can Literally add feedback text on screen after few hit on cold metal
like "its too cold - Add some heat"  or "its too hot and soft"
just add some obvious Indicator
For example temperature Bar should have not 1 line but Range of perfect and middle zone on it

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I want to love this game - it have nice concept and charming art with music
BUT - i did 50 attempts and none of it was successful.. NONE
I get "how to play" idea even without info but gameplay is just not ballanced

- Luck of UI "Quality bar" information and "required hit zone" on screen
hides understanding of Feedback
Player dont understand what (s)he did right or wrong
- Even with perfect music rhythm and perfect middle hits
with perfect Temperature - i still lose and have "middle" quality
Difficult curve is just broken! (its not fun)
it should give player excitement and "Flow" moment with slowly rising difficult curve..
but instead game just block player from excitement and joy
leaving with irritation and anger

it's sad - because the game has everything it needs to be great game (almost)

PS. at least Thank you for "High resolution" option
pixelization (without this option) is not charming at all - its just look bad and pixelated
Here some text for understanding of "not fully pixel art" problem

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i won hooray \o/

Very Calm and Cute game for sure

PS. Balance kind of not exist. Fighter Taniku feels pointless (died fast - cant kill ant..)
but Ranger Taniku in reverse is overpowered because can attack few times before ant even come close
so group of range-attack Taniku become.. UNSTOPPABLE "cough"

I feel like will be great to have different levels with increase of difficult or with different puzzle situations
Also Main robot can have some skill too..
maybe some temp shield for Taniku around him or buff..

Any way - game was fun - thank you for making this game : ]

Interesting game - i like it
Would be nice to have "restart" button at "Game Lost" screen
(instead of return to main menu and start)

Would be nice to see Tip-text about map. For example after level start.
Like "Press M to open map" (i played final version on 3 level deep - not knowing that the map exists)
Little info and not intrusive tutorials is Very important

Also small Icon button on screen for "Mouse control" will be even better

And as additional feature request: Will be awesome in future to have Mouse control for movement instead of AWSD\arrows
at least 6 icon buttons for directions and turns
But also will be nice to have alternative mouse control like
Mouse cursor on center and top of screen - move forward
Mouse at botton of screen - move backward
Mouse on top left and right corners - turns
Mouse on bottom left and right sides - move left and right without turn

Would be much more fun with map

Nice game - Love it
i wish this game had less tutorials (with pauses) and more longer levels
i feel like every time then i begin having fun - level suddenly over

PS. Reverse (180) idea without inverting "left-right" control is not fun.. (i hate it)

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Great game! love it
Few words: Default control actually very bad..
- Weapon cursor is 3d_space'd but very slow and laggy which make targeting very frustration
- Camera in shooting mode works with mouse but in flying mode with its not (uncomfortable)
- 3d Direction arrow  looks similar from different sides and make direction unclear (confusion)
- All weapons feels slow and many times not useful at all

i see this game as Third Personal Shooter and i think
- For PC control should be around Mouse+keyboard
with usual cursor at center of screen or at least fixed to screen
(it will neutralizes lag problem - and makes targeting satisfying)
- i see no point in different "switch mode" for "Sliding move" and "Shooting"
so it all can be just combined on 1 gameplay mode
(which will make gameplay control faster and more complex, more interesting)
Its mean player will be able to shoot without holding "right mouse button"
and "Slide" with "shift" will work instantly 
- with this in mind "Slide" can work in 2 different way
1 = Sliding will work with shooting at same time
2 = Slide will block shooting and punch player instantly to side - with some cooldown (like "roll" in slasher games)
from my stand point both option is good and can be 2 different fun mode
"slow mode" can be with walking and (cooldown)"punch-sliding" to avoid danger
"fast mode" will give ability to move fast and will drain some energy (to avoid function abuse)
but will regenerate so player can attack enemy fast from time to time

- Player Weapons can shoot faster to give more impact(feeling) and be less "laggy"
- "Rifle" projectile can fly even faster to compensate long cooldowns between shots
it aslo can shoot with "burst mode" (2-3-4 shots instead of 1) to make shooting more interest and compensate "aim-miss" on long\middle distance
- "Guided missiles" is awesome.. but "guide target" is unknown
It will be useful to have at least UI pointers (like squares) at enemies BEFORE shooting
so player will know who will be attacked it he press "fire button"
- "3d Direction arrow" can have different colors at sides or different form to be more "clear" for understanding
Also (as stupid it can be) usual waypoints on screen can help to understand direction in 3d space too

PS. but i like this game

Overall feeling is good and fun
at that level where I can ignore all the problems and just enjoy game

I love the characters and their dialogues - they can be expressed more vividly
For example each character can have "Name" under portrait
and text in dialogues can have more personality with (cliche, common expressions, emotions, conflicts)

Anyway - i beat the game and have great time playing : ]
for 2-3 week game - it look and feels awesome

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Great game! it gave me nice play time.
if this game had an extra mechanics and maybe missions/goal
then I certainly would have spent many hours in it x]

PS. (some ideas from my head..)
"weapon/skills switch" can be contextual instead of "switch movement to skill and back" every time.
its very counterintuitive and breaks flow of the game for me..
Instead - Skills can be just switched by any buttons or mouse
and "Mouse Over" game map can contextualy understand what to do
(especially when player cant shoot and walk at the same time)
For example if mouse pointing at neighbor cell - and cell is clear = it will move player
- if mouse over cell with enemy - context will be "attack" instead of moving = player will attack with click
and Cursor also can switch icon to show available action

For advanced functions:
- if mouse over cell far away - but it still clear = Check path is clear or not - and move 1 cell in selected direction
- fast mouse click on enemy can use active skill - but if hold mouse for sometime over enemy = it can give UI menu for switch other skills and automatically use it with selection click

Amazing game - love it
Also thank you for game source!
i start learn godot as alternative "light" engine for small games
and this MouseBoat game is great example for me

PS. And i want to add "right mouse button" for camera control (like mmo) instead of fixed "to boat" camera style
..And maybe i will add some kind of "force of throwing a float" visual ui bar
Dont know why, but i feel - mouse animations is not enough for me to understand how far will "float" land in water (which feels not very comfortable.. i want little more control over this)

Very cool game - love it
Many visual and text details
Feels like interesting story of "everyday life" genre

Very cool art - i like it

Awesome fairy tale - love it

Nice! Its gonna be great ^_^

Very cool and smooth prototype - i like it --- would be cool to have more "content" and "fun"

wow - Art is amazing - interesting game for sure --- would be nice to have some music and sounds

Cool game --- would be even better with some music

Really fun game - solid gameplay - love it --- just want little bit better graphic - maybe sounds - and more levels - still it super cool game (one of the best on jam) --- PS. found bug - get in can - hold "space" and press "down arrow" in same time - stably crash

Nice Idea - i like it --- but sound is painful to listen and some music would be good - also main problem is "no skill involved".. (its intended?) will be much for interesting with some "challenges" - I think good example game is: "Papers, Please" - with mechanics like this you can add more and more complexity for player to moment where he will be "Overload" with "information to check" : ] --- PS. i really like this "Office Papers" style idea - it can be great

Cool little game - i like it --- would be nice to have more balanced progression - and some UI tips\ indication

i really like this game - it feels very RPG-like --- would be nice to try more complete version

I really like this game - i have only 1 issue with it - first few times i dont even understand goal.. because its hard to see second bunny at start screen and this is only place where you can understand goal.. so i dropped game and return only after read about goal in comments.. --- would be nice to make goal more clear..