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Great game! it gave me nice play time.
if this game had an extra mechanics and maybe missions/goal
then I certainly would have spent many hours in it x]

PS. (some ideas from my head..)
"weapon/skills switch" can be contextual instead of "switch movement to skill and back" every time.
its very counterintuitive and breaks flow of the game for me..
Instead - Skills can be just switched by any buttons or mouse
and "Mouse Over" game map can contextualy understand what to do
(especially when player cant shoot and walk at the same time)
For example if mouse pointing at neighbor cell - and cell is clear = it will move player
- if mouse over cell with enemy - context will be "attack" instead of moving = player will attack with click
and Cursor also can switch icon to show available action

For advanced functions:
- if mouse over cell far away - but it still clear = Check path is clear or not - and move 1 cell in selected direction
- fast mouse click on enemy can use active skill - but if hold mouse for sometime over enemy = it can give UI menu for switch other skills and automatically use it with selection click