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We definitely agree with that. The fun of the game is supposed to stem from the frantic nature of the situation -- too many engineers trying to do their job and you're just trying to get out of their way. Unfortunately, what we have to show currently is far from what we want the final game to be and a lot of the ideas you suggested are in line with what we want to add. Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback!

Absolutely. The gameplay needs a lot of work and the "game" as a whole is in a barebones state. Just functional enough to qualify and meet the deadline. We plan on revisiting the game once the jam is over to make it into an actual, playable game. Thanks for checking it out all the same!

The color of the player indicates how many engineers have grabbed on to the suit to fix it (we have sprites to show each individual engineer, but they didn't make it into the build). So once the suit turns blue, then you've pretty much met the win condition (survive until the engineers fix your suit).

So my guess is that, unless you encountered one of the many bugs, you likely "won" haha

Definitely agree with your assessment. In its current state, the game just isn't fun to play -- too many bugs and no playtesting can do that haha. We're going to take some time after the jam concludes to work on making it what we wanted.

Thanks for the kind words. You can follow our account and get notified of whenever we make an update. We're definitely planning on getting our core vision fleshed out and making the game fun.

Definitely. Right now it's just potatoes :P

"Gameplay isn't good" is actually a compliment given the current build haha. The gameplay is pretty horrendous at the moment without play testing and with just the bare bones functionality. Thanks for trying out the game though, half of the fun is seeing what people think and we're glad so many people understood what we were trying to do.

The concept was that the walls would take damage quickly and the doors for the engineers would break. That would force you to move around more, but we didn't have time to play test the game outside of seeing if it actually runs. We're just happy everyone seems to kinda get what we were going for.

With the amount of bugs we came across every time we tested a feature, I'm surprised we even managed to make the game functional, haha. But you're right, when we first tried it out, we noticed that the optimal way to win, is to do nothing. We're planning on revisiting this game once the jam is done to see if our initial concept could eventually be fun to play.

Absolutely. The walls and doors, in this current build, don't have any damage indicators, so it kinda makes it hard to know what's actually happening. We're really glad to hear you had some fun!

Haha, nah, you're probably playing it right. This is just one of those situations where there were so much bugs popping up that we didn't have anytime to play test the game or add the features that really make it fun -- so we settled for functional. We learned a lot working on this, which is really the most you can hope for in a game jam :P

Oh right. We haven't uploaded a build yet, so we had it password restricted. I've removed the password so you can read and view everything.

This game is truly great! I love the simple premise and controls as well as the general feel of the game along with the audio and visual theme. Very interesting take on a puzzle game for sure.

The only thing I could think of as being missing are sfs for when the player gets hit, and perhaps an animation to go with it. Often times I didn't notice myself die until... well until I couldn't find myself and the game reloaded the stage. (especially when I fall through one side of the stage to the other and right onto an enemy)

Really feels like a near-complete game though. Super fun!

There's a whole lot to like here. The art and sound are top-notch and emulating the classic gameboy feel compliments the gameplay which is just as classic. I'd prefer a GBC style to a GB style as I think the added color would help separate some of the objects on the island and give it a bit more life.

The controls were tight and I appreciate the mid-air turning. Gameplay wise, charting the seas was very ambiguous. I wasn't sure where I was headed or that the "compass" pointed towards an island -- until I realized my compass was broken and didn't always point north.

The ship battles were okay, but I think the health pools are too high. I never lost a battle at sea when I mashed but after sailing blindly, mashing became annoying. The island segments were more fun, though with the insta-kills, it made the health pools seem even more excessive. The biggest let down was that every death brought you back to sea and not the island and it was enough to keep me from progressing past my 3rd island.

Oh man, this is a good one. Greate visual style and music and really smooth controls. There's a few negatives but nothing that some quick polish later won't fix.

Like others have mentioned, the steering is a bit too punishing when you begin scrapping the walls. It's very hard to get your momentum back which is important for the later levels (I got up to Maze 7 btw). Additionally, the maze image at the start is great but for the first 2 mazes I thought I was the green dot and the finish line was the empty space.

Overall, fantastic game. One of my favorite of this jam. Great job!

Very simple and just too easy if you mash z and x. Getting to 999 takes about a min or two and there's not much else to it. The art style is nice and the audio is good though the SFX are a bit too loud for the music.

With this type of gameplay, it would be great if after a "run" through a group of enemies your score was a health meter that you then used when fighting an end of stage boss.

Khampret is such a fabulous vampire. I don't get why people want you dead :)

I really wanted to like this game but the keyboard controls were just too finicky for me to actually progress further. Once I got to the stack of explosive crates, I couldn't manage to make it underneath the next one before it dropped. That's probably not at all far into the game.

The sounds were okay and the graphics, while good, could be improved with some environmental shading (like the character has). It really came down to the keyboard controls and the fact that no matter how hard I spammed keys, sometimes I just wouldn't get any response out of the guns.

It's definitely worth a play for the movement alone, if you happen to have a controller. Still, well done!

Very simple game, though I'd need to analyze the "surprisingly angry" claim. The music and voices made the game more lighthearted than the fail text does, especially with some of the images being shown. It's fun to play if you like memory games.

Really interesting concept! I love puzzle games and this was right up my alley.

The final puzzle was cool but kinda just lead you to the answer through simple trial and error. The rest of the game was more challenging and fun and I think if you find the right balance between those two styles of puzzles, you'll definitely have something great on your hands, especially if you can figure out how to turn this into a mobile game.

Other than the lack of audio, I'd say this is a really solid game. Good job!

This is an adorable game, both in the art style and sound design. The music is so calm and relaxing, it makes collecting the baby ducks more pleasant and less tedious than a typical fetch quest.

There's a lot to be desired from the gameplay but for what it is, it's good. The controls are strange. I understood that one key press slides the Capy a set distance so moving diagonally was impossible since you're locked to whichever input was last. This type of movement makes sense when a character is on ice but for the visual of grass, there's a disconnect.

The art style is the saving grace although without a real ending, the game feels a bit incomplete. I suppose the duck-fart glee of the mother duck is reward enough :)

Not bad! I'm a huge Mega Man fan so forgive me for being a bit critical of your game. Let's start with the good stuff. The sounds and graphics fit well together and I really appreciate the lenient checkpoints. The level design is not bad at all and because of how small your character is, you have a lot of room to see and predict what's coming next.

The game play itself felt a bit off and I really didn't like the fact that you can't move forward while shooting. Jumping was okay and timing your shots mid-jump was solid. I tried to figure out how the knock back worked. It felt almost as if the speed in which you were moving forward while being hit was also the speed at which you were knocked back, rather than a set distance each time.

Overall, it was fun to play and a pretty quick run through. One thing I tried doing on my second play through was speed running it and although the game "flow" isn't optimal, it wasn't awful as well, so good job on that.

This reminds me of the classic Atari Sword Quest games. I don't know if the game is still a prototype, but the build that I just played is riddled with bugs. I was able to not die and scale up walls infinitely, most paths lead to nothing, there was a room that broke the game and the audio from your projectile loops over and over.

I didn't encounter a single enemy but I was able to find a simple line puzzle. I really like the character animation, given how minimal it is. I wish there was a solid build of this up cause I'd love to explore more of the game.

Really nice! Visuals and sound were a perfect fit and the gameplay was simple and easy to get used to. My only criticism is that Knucklehead seems to slide backwards after attacking, as if he was on ice. It wasn't that big a deal but I did notice it more when I was fighting the boss. I had to constantly walk to minimize the slide back.

Overall it was quick, fun to play and well executed. It's a bit short, but that just means that I wish there was more because I had fun playing.

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with this game. The punchline is in the title, so why the need for the game? I didn't get it.

This game was pretty cool. The art style was great but the camera is just zoomed too much in to the main character. It feels as if you wanted to show the player how great the art is, rather than increase the game field so the player has a better idea of where to explore.

Personally, I had no trouble at all figuring out the health system, the inventory, equipment and where to go but I think that's because I play games a lot and know what some games are trying to teach. Your game did well in teach an experienced player what they need to know, but other players definitely would find it confusing.

The audio left a lot to be desired though I appreciate the combat music to let me know when wolves were near (especially with the small screen real-estate). All in all, it's a solid game but could be a lot better with a shift in focus from art to gameplay.

The art style and design of the game is really great but man, playing in silence is brutal. My mind kept trying to create audio to fill the void but it's just not the same. The progression was good as well, considering you get a double jump as your first ability, there isn't much else that the game opens up so completing it wasn't a big time investment.

Movement felt slippery and overly sensitive and jumping was a tad awkward but nothing a player can't adjust to. The final boss fight was solid and brought back some Kirby memories. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Others have already mentioned that the biggest flaw is just that there's nothing really to do and while I do agree, I think the addition of a clock would have helped greatly. The clock would give you an easy way to know when sunrise is coming and for how long until sunset, but it would also help you keep track of the days.

Just that one touch alone would immediately convey how futile surviving for an extra day is when the world has ended. It's a solid game with nice pixel art and I didn't really notice any bugs. Good job.

I watched the development of this unfold on twitter. Was fun to finally be able to sit down and play it. It's a really cool idea and some of the games were particularly challenging. I eventually lost as things sped up too much but saw improvement after understanding more what some of the games were on successive playthroughs. That's the only real issue though -- being able to convey what the player should do so quickly -- but its not serious enough to stop you from enjoying it.

Great work!


Do you use custom history settings in Firefox - particularly regarding cookies?

Try this - in Firefox go to Options > Privacy and check if you have "use custom settings for history" selected under History. If so, make sure you have "Accept cookies from sites" ticked and "Accept third-party cookies" set to Always.

Otherwise, you can simply select "Remember history" from the History drop down. That's how I have it and it works.

Hope that helps!

This is a tough game. It functions well but the difficultly keeps it from being more enjoyable. Though to be quite honest, the progression in difficulty makes sense. It's just that, given the small 64x64 window, the time in takes your brain to process the incoming shape, the shape below, and the shape that needs to swap, all while ignoring the color, is just too much for the time it takes the shape to fall.

I'm curious as to what would consistitute as a good score. My highest was 15. Overall, it's well made, looks and sounds good, and is easy to pick up and play, it's just the nature of the game is too challenging too quickly.

A nice little platformer. The art style is nice and the character animation loop looked stupid (in a good way), especially to the beat of stage 3's music. Good music choices as well. Controls are a bit on the slippery side but not enough to stop you from finishing.

The text was nonsensical and fun though the "ending" left something to be desired. Overall, a solid game.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We couldn't be happier with how much fun people are having with our game.

@misato -- we're still trying to figure out our postman's name.

@metalsnail -- the flow of gameplay and all the gamefeel work is thanks to our programmer Matt. Those little breaks were a great addition and every 3 waves rewards you with another line of backseat gaming dialogue!

As most of you guys figured out, yeah, we're huge fans of Rick and Morty so when it came time to do some extra sounds, we figured we'd try out best impressions of the two. Glad you guys enjoy it!

It's a pretty simple game. Reminds of some of the lesser known games of my childhood. The visuals and the sound effects fit well together and the Fox's walking animation makes me laugh so much for some reason.

I think the stage is a bit too bit and the map wasn't much use, in fact, it made exploring anything in the bottom right of the screen dangerous (that's how I keep getting caught). I don't know how many eggs there are in total, but I got 30 in my best run.

Nifty idea but like others have said, it would definitely benefit from any kind of progression, whether it's a score system or a timer. As it is, it's fun for a few moments but not much point without much else.

Sucks that the game is still in development. I looks like it would be fun to play. Kinda reminds me of a green tinted virtual boy game -- except without the constant headaches. Looking forward to playing it!

A neat little game. I wasn't able to kill all the UFOs and I never got an end screen. So I don't know if there's another level after or what exactly happens but that one UFO that speed across horizontally was too quick for me. I always missed it by a hair.

The music is good and I like the fact that you can shoot the buildings. It just felt a bit boring towards the end when I had just that one stupid UFO mocking me.

Such a great game. Love the art style and gameplay. Everything was themed nicely and the progression of difficult was so smooth. You guys have a knack for platformers. I got a bit frustrated at a few jumps but to me that's kind of the fun the genre. And man, that boss fight was so satisfying -- the perfect way to end the game.

The only downside I can think of (and keep in mind, this is minor) is that the stage music felt a bit western and out of place. The boss music was great though and the sound effects were excellent.

And the fact that the main character's name is Jelly ... I can't help but be jelly.

Played for a bit and made it to stage 3 I think? I don't really know if the game just repeats and the backgrounds change each time it loads up. The driving worked well and the shooting was good (although it looked funny watching the bullets curve around the track). The main criticism I have is that the cars are spaced so far apart from each other and its pretty easy to zoom by one if you're not constantly spamming bullets.

Still, I'm glad to see a driving game in the jam!

This is my kinda game. Nice and stupid. The art style is fantastic and the audio compliments it perfectly. I only wish that right after you finished laying the smackdown, you had a small window before the next face loads up, nothing too long, something like 1 second. I found that most of the time I just missed the first input.

Overall, very fun and a unique take on simon sez!

I got up to level 7. While the game functions well enough, I couldn't seem to figure out how to control what was going on. What do the three sounds do in particular? The clap seemed to send them in the opposite direction, the whistle seemed to make them all scatter randomly and the rattle didn't do anything at all. Do the cat colors mean they behave slightly differently?

It simply felt like I was just doing random things and hoping for the best. Which I guess emulates actual cat herding pretty well, so in that regard you nailed it. I wanted to enjoy it more, but after a few attempts at level 7, I threw in the towel. Also, while the visuals fit a low resolution look, the movement wasn't really 64x64 as things broke the grid as they were sliding around.