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Wow this game is really good! It has a lot of content and the visuals are very nice. It would be really really cool with sound effects and music. I wish the character would be able to make smaller movements. Other than that, great job!

Love this! Sad I was missing two stars at the end. The music is very good and I am in love with the dialogue and plot! Super Great Job! I would've liked to use the WASD or Arrow Keys to walk around :)

Really great! Got stuck at a spider but I'm kind of bad at games so I'm sure it was my fault. Keep up the great work! :D Thanks for stopping by Supersysscvi's Stream on Youtube!

Really fun, just confused about the controls. not really sure what I was doing the whole time xD

it was a bit hard changing lanes. over all great job! Hard to hit the attacks though.

really fun and entertaining!

Reminded me of my childhood when my family would bet on horses :) Nice game! it'd be cool with sound!

Wow really great mechanics! Challenging but fun!

Love the plot and aesthetics. No sound, but the game looked nice! Couldn't find the last milk and I was very confused. Great job overall!

You followed the rules right! Not sure what the goal of the game was though. Congrats on doing your first game jam! You definitely have something good here. Just push it a little farther! :D

Really love the animation and visuals. The game play was a bit difficult and unforgiving. If that was fixed, it'd be a superb game :) Great work. I also loved the combat. As far as dodging enemies on land. that was a bit hard. Maybe if we re-spawned at the island shore instead of at sea.

Aesthetics are really nice, especially in the animations and color palette. Its a bit hard to control where the character goes. otherwise great game. I really enjoyed it!

I don't understand why I am enjoying this game so much even though I'm losing horribly. XD Lovely aesthetic and characters. They make me extremely happy playing this. Confused on how to avoid the news break. Super Silly concept and I really enjoyed it.

I loved the dialogue and the visuals/sounds. I was confused on where to find the rock and other items. They don't stand out to me so i was unable to find them and got a bit frustrated. Otherwise, i love the characters and design overall!

I could probably play this game for hours! Super fun.

I didn't really know where I was supposed to go but i loved the aesthetics!

The only complaint I have is the horizontal slide that happens after you let go of the left or right key. Otherwise, the game is very fun and cute! Consider adding a counter that keeps track of how many platforms you have landed on or distance traveled! Great job! :D

Really enjoyed the animation of the worms. The music was really nice as well. Fun game play!

The aesthetic was nice. Good choice in color schemes. It would be nice if there were more sound effects besides the jump sound. The jump in room two seemed utterly impossible. Maybe make it a bit easier to play. Good job though! :D

Not sure how to get past the water but I enjoy the gameplay so far :) Aesthetic is also nice!

Found this through the VR Udemy course's forum. Awesome seeing you taking the game a few steps further!

This is a lot of fun! :)

I fixed the menu screen because the original font had a lot of interpolation. It's extremely simple so I may change it again, but its not a huge priority at the moment. I have a lot of the main functions completed. All that is left is to have the player give the npc enough coins to complete the repairs, followed by some sort of end sequence. Most likely will be a cut scene of some sort.

Been a few days since I posted. I've added a title screen, an NPC and gotten more dialogue working as well as setting up a simple inventory/trade system. Still need to clean up somethings, but everything is functioning so far ^.^ Will be replacing the pickup items with something that makes more sense. I need to get rid of that test string too.... That's the easy part though. 4 more days... I've got this XD

Thank you so much :,)

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Hey there! I finally have some things sort of working ^.^ Did some work on the text box system :D


I spent like an hour trying to figure out why the camera wouldn't center around my character... Turns out I never centered the sprites origin ^.^; I think I got a good chunk of work done today. Next I'll figure out how to do collisions.

I thought they were supposed to be green so I didn't question it xD

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I've got the walk cycle finished and a tiling background. I'll need to get the background to tile a bit in-game and then have the camera follow the character.

Thanks a bunch! :)

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Not sure what the simplest way of making a gif of my current progress. (If anyone has any tips for me I'd be really appreciative)

Meanwhile here is a screenshot :D Will be adding environments tomorrow.

It works now! Thank you so much.

Hello, I'm working on setting up my first room but I'm running into an issue. My settings seem to be correct but when I press play, the screen displays as a rectangle instead of within a 64x64px frame. Here is a photo with my settings and what it looks like. Screenshot I've spent about 4 hours trying to trouble shoot and nothing seems to work.