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This is my favorite ProcJam entry. Also I'm pretty sure I can sell "Gregory's Treasure" to Freeform.

(bug report: occasionally the series title will come up as [object Object] or something like that)

@Wasabi Origami: It's a web-only game for now. Play it at

Controls were a little difficult, but I like how gritty it is. Really nice work!

Great! Almost broke my spacebar. Really fun.

Very cool! Reminds me of "The Last Door."

So good. One of my favorites of the entire jam. You should make this a mobile game.

Hilarious. Great idea.

Rad! Combat is really fun.

Great! Love how the zombies explode.

A lot of fun! Controls were a bit touchy.

This was a blast! And the lasers shooting out of the pipes really caught me by surprise. You should consider making this a mobile game...

This is such a twisted idea. Couldn't quite figure out how to torture the guy, though...

Rad! The combat is REALLY hard. (Tried to jump to another star system and it froze, I think.)

Great. I love how the rover skids on craters.

Love that you can customize your character. Great job!

Roofied a raven to help a ghost. 10/10!

(got a little confused about where to walk into the woods, but figured it out.)

This was a blast! (A little easy to button-mash your way to the title, maybe...)

Very cool! Is that a build for the raspberry pi up there? Would like to try it there as well.

This is rad--I hope you turn this into a mobile game. The text is a little hard to read on the UI--a 1px drop shadow would help a lot, I think.

I love the idea! The interface is a bit confusing and I'm still having trouble figuring out how to play...

A lot of fun, and one of the few jam games that I've actually been able to complete. I like the blocky, solid-color look of the gun and enemies -- I feel like you could have made the entire environment in that style too. Great work!

Rad! The time-to-kill is a little low for a fast shooter (for my taste) but I had a blast. Nice work!

Very cool. Reminds me of playing that old Sierra game, "Red Baron."

Haven't won once but probably my favorite game of the jam. Love the synthesized voices.

Love the feeling of this one. Unfortunately couldn't find anyone to play against.

Rad! Love the glitching and 1-bit rendering style.

This looks great and I'm a sucker for Elite-type games. I just can't figure out how to travel to another star...

This was a blast! That rum effect never gets old. I kept mixing up the controls since it only shows Xbox buttons when you use a keyboard.

Utter chaos! Love it. Performance wasn't great in the Unity web player--please consider making a Mac and/or WebGL build.

Great! The ship navigation is very elegant. Did not expect to get killed by that floating coconut.

This is lovely. Might be nice to add a bit of a puzzle component to it, i.e. you have to travel the local stars in a certain order to unlock others.

This is a great idea, and it really feels like a living world. (also btw, for some reason the buttons were moving when I moved the character.)

I really liked this. Also I accidentally killed all my plants.

Very cute! Love how unexpectedly gory it is. Controls are a bit touchy.

Really fun! There's a lot you can do with this. Could be a great mobile game.

Haha this was really fun! (And yes, my parents are very sad.) This would be a great game to have on a phone.

Really fun! The checkerboard grid pattern does weird things at high speed -- if you're attached to it you might try adding blur as the marble really gets going. (or for maximum 64x64 authenticity, you would use a dither pattern...)

Great! Font was a little hard to read.

Very elegant and fun. More titles for the Puntendo Lame Boy!

Love the weathered pixel art and the Fallout-style targeting system! After playing for a while I noticed that the music started to skip a bit on my system...