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Hello i'm programmer

Hi, could we talk about? You can chat me on Discord: Fuzenrad

Hi, im seeking some peoples for a team for this jam. If you're a pixel artist or a sound designer looking to join a team, get in touch! ArchaicBit is a small indie studio, and we're gearing up for the november 2023 Game Off JAM.

About: ArchaicBit is an indie game development team dedicated to creating nostalgic gaming experiences. Our mission is to craft games that capture the essence of the past, with visuals reminiscent of the golden age of gaming—think 16 or 8 bits. We believe in the power of pixel art and classic sound design to transport players back to the era that started it all.

I'm looking for: Pixel Artist and Sound Designer

Let's Connect: If you're enthusiastic about retro games and are eager to participate in Game Off 2023! Let's chat on Discord: @fuzenrad.

Hi Eag Works,

I ve seen that you specialized in 8 bit pixel arts – is that correct? I was wondering if we could have a chat on Discord: my handle is @Fuzenrad.

Im currently looking for a pixel artist for this JAM (and possibly for future projects as well).

BR? Podemos bater um papo? Você tem experiência com criação de música e sons em 8 bits? Me chama no Discord: @fuzenrad

hey Preppion! what's up?

we just dropped a fresh new update for "Frightorix," and I couldn't help but think how much more epic it could be with your magic touch! So, Im sending this invite to you: Wanna join forces and create some pixelart for the game? few things are missing, a cool logo, maybe main menu and some things to decorate the game scenery, maybe characters (like poyu-poyu), I was going to use assets from other creators, but I think it will be better if you are the creator of everything.

Check out the latest update here:

If you're want to talk about it, hit me up on Discord at #fuzenrad. Let's brainstorm, create something extraordinary, and have a freaking blast while doing it!

Hello, Im making a game with your assets :)

Hello man, I would like to talk about this asset, it fits perfectly in a project that I was already planning to do, can we talk? Discord: Fuzenrad#7638

Muito bom amigo! Parabéns pelo projeto!

Hello man! I wanted to share that I'm developing an amazing game using your assets. They are fantastic and bringing my project to life. I want to thank you for your talent and dedication in creating these incredible sprites. Your work is truly inspiring to me. If you'd like to check out the progress of the game, here's the link to the video:

I can't wait to share the complete game with you! Thank you again for your wonderful work. Best regards!

Ps.; Obviously i ll give credits to your work

hahaha eae

Muito bom jogo, bem polido. Parabéns.

Great idea, maybe more options in player turn, but the game is very fun.

Thx. :)

Thanks :)

Very good interpretation of Robin Hood .. :) Nice work , I'll follow the updates!

Interesting mechanics, then I understand how things work became easier . I don't know if by my computer settings, but the game became a little slow.

Thanks for your feedback Devon, our proposal is to rescue the NES spirit!

Thanks for all :) We were really happy that many players have liked!

The battle and the inventory system were well programmed.. Congratulations! Nice artwork, i only believe that there should be an animation on the main character.

You make a game like Doom 95 in 64x64.. Really amazing its gameplay... o.O

Great work in the light effect, game really fun, congratulations for the work.

Just a wonderful game, you did miracle using so few pixels.. Congrats for your work!

Hey, I can assign this video on the project page?

I am really happy to see people playing our game and best of all, making videos :) I watched here (every 30 min).. a tip: the game does not gratify units in the same position (in the same position, all units receive the same damage, then 50 archers against only 5 horseman will be slaughtered).. In any case you understand the objective of the game and had great fun.. thanks for playing :)

about the site.. really.. we didn't have time to work on it ..

Reall nice game!! I work with Game Maker Studio, if there's interest we can reconstruct the game and launch it for multiple platforms.

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Really.. I don't understand the reason, which capture program you're using?

I really like your video, it's a great honor for us :] Special thanks for reporting the bug (13:55), we'll fix it!

Thanks for play :) We're happy you enjoyed

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