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Archaic Bit

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hahaha eae

Muito bom jogo, bem polido. Parabéns.

Great idea, maybe more options in player turn, but the game is very fun.

Thx. :)

Thanks :)

Very good interpretation of Robin Hood .. :) Nice work , I'll follow the updates!

Interesting mechanics, then I understand how things work became easier . I don't know if by my computer settings, but the game became a little slow.

Thanks for your feedback Devon, our proposal is to rescue the NES spirit!

Thanks for all :) We were really happy that many players have liked!

The battle and the inventory system were well programmed.. Congratulations! Nice artwork, i only believe that there should be an animation on the main character.

You make a game like Doom 95 in 64x64.. Really amazing its gameplay... o.O

Great work in the light effect, game really fun, congratulations for the work.

Just a wonderful game, you did miracle using so few pixels.. Congrats for your work!

Hey, I can assign this video on the project page?

I am really happy to see people playing our game and best of all, making videos :) I watched here (every 30 min).. a tip: the game does not gratify units in the same position (in the same position, all units receive the same damage, then 50 archers against only 5 horseman will be slaughtered).. In any case you understand the objective of the game and had great fun.. thanks for playing :)

about the site.. really.. we didn't have time to work on it ..

Reall nice game!! I work with Game Maker Studio, if there's interest we can reconstruct the game and launch it for multiple platforms.

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Really.. I don't understand the reason, which capture program you're using?

I really like your video, it's a great honor for us :] Special thanks for reporting the bug (13:55), we'll fix it!

Thanks for play :) We're happy you enjoyed

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