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Fun arcade shooter for Android - An Arcade in Your Hands!

Super game!!! Love the graphics and animations! :)

Well Done to everyone that entered!!! Overall Winner is Break/Space!

Good stuff! You should change your name to Time To Dev :)

Nice Job

Nice!!! Good fun.

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Great job! One of my favourite games from Speccy and then the sequel on Amiga. 
A good idea might be to have a .sna file that is nearly finished the Universe setup. :)

Seriously, amazed at the work gone into this :) David and Ian would be proud I'm sure!

But the universe creation is similar to a tape load :)

Type RUN and make a cuppa tea - Just great!

Really liked this Snake game :)

Thanks Jupi

Nice, suggestion to speed up paddle to move 1 space  initially then 2 space if held down.

Nice! We need more Text adventures ... good stuff :)

Nice - Good job with the embedding :) - my own attempt is not working with jsspeccy for some reason?!

As the game progresses more Bandits arrive... :)

Nice Lander! Not easy to land :) just-one-more-go!

Lovely Donkey Kong style platformer - Nice graphics and good simple gameplay :)

Nicely done incorporating Brexit theme. Will play this when I get back from trip :)

Wow! A lot of work went into this...looks great and like a Speccy game of old but with mobile-app type game mechanic...really nice work!

You need to keep firing to eventually hit the baddies... :)

The firing is random - so your shot might fall short or go too far to reach the baddies. Shooting from 4-8 steps back is the idea ... like a Western :)

Super stuff! Love the screen layout and turn-based approach! Nice Job! :D

Hope you enjoy my little WestWorld game...

Shoot it out with the bandits and keep the Townsfolk alive for as long as you can :)

Clever use of POKEs and IN ports for keys. Hopefully you can update this with some AI.

Good Work!!

Love it! I am a very fond of the old text adventure. Keep up the good work!

Good stuff! I am using IN ports to check for keymap presses to allow multi-key use for better control responsiveness.

I am using QAOP too, as they reside on different ports which means they won't conflict with each other.

Thanks Jupi,

You only shoot the Tie Fighters and try avoid X-Wings - Like Star Wars :)

Thanks Jupi! Will do

Love the graphics, reminds me of gameboy or zx spectrum style :)

Thanks :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! My best lap was only 18 so well done! :)

Thanks atolVerderben

I have compiled a linux version but cant test and my linux compiler can be problematic. I added a version if you want to try to get it working.

Thanks! I hope you like it so far :)

Looks super! Very nice!!! Love the little buggy and how mobile it is! :)

Nice effects, graphics and good lighting work.

There seems to be a few zombie games in every jam, but this looks well made and good fun!


Hi Adam

Thanks for the comments I will look to reduce the difficulty in the next update after the contest.

Or have an "easy","hard" option menu.

Thanks for the feedback!

Great stuff! I recall creating one of these on an 8-bit machine many moons ago...Nice use of screen space :)

Thanks Sparrowspell! Glad you enjoyed it - Its was fun playtesting it :) I wanted to give the feeling of being at the arcades

Look forward to seeing the playable demo version - looks really nice!

Really nice trapped but I think I might have missed an object...or a route...nice music really suits it...

Good job!

After 1000 points you get a Bonus Extra Life

I would be curious to know if anyone gets to Level 4 or more... maybe some arcade defender fans? :)