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ZX Spectrum BASIC game, inspired by Elite from David Braben and Ian Bell
Submitted by jsj — 3 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline

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Overall Rating#64.1114.111

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HostSubmitted (1 edit)

Great job! One of my favourite games from Speccy and then the sequel on Amiga. 
A good idea might be to have a .sna file that is nearly finished the Universe setup. :)

Seriously, amazed at the work gone into this :) David and Ian would be proud I'm sure!

But the universe creation is similar to a tape load :)

Type RUN and make a cuppa tea - Just great!


I must look at market prices algorithm. The slaves price bug is something that must not happen. Probably I've trashed something when translating  the formulas from Excel to BASIC. Whenever I've some time I will try to fix that bug and improve keyboard response times. Thanks for your comment!


There is a lot of greatness about this - presentation is excellent, and obviously recalls Elite excellently.  The lack of responsiveness of keys is workable (the beep works), and it's great to visit those planets again (it's been a long time since I've flown from Lave to Diso in search of a cheap profit).  Some planets do seem to *really* want to off-load slaves, and will pay you for taking them.  This is either a thematic suggestion of progressive thinking, or a bug.  With the suggestion of Fuel usage (the omission of which somewhat makes travel rather easy), and the suggested 'economy type' of neighbouring systems, this would be an *amazing* feat in basic.  As is, it is just incredibly impressive.  Well done.


Thanks Jupiter!

Also I've spotted a bug in Slaves market Price thanks to your video! O_O

Neat game! I included it in my ZX Specturum Basic Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Ok. Done! I've uploaded version 1.1 with market bug fixed.


Ops. Will look into that bug!

And yes, no fuel consumption. All related with refueling and buy modules for you ship have been left out due to time constrains.


You were right. By holding each key down until it beeped, I was able to play consistently. Still ran into a show-stopping bug right away: bought some wares, jumped to a nearby system, sold them... but the game continued to show my cargo hold as 3/4 full (even while correctly listing no content). So I was unable to buy more cargo for the next jump.

In related news, it looks like you never implemented fuel consumption and refueling. Is that correct?


Yes. Keyboard response is not as good as I want it to be. I've had no time to redo the keyboard code to optimize it. I've used the "trick" to make a BEEP whenever a key press is detected. But I know that's not enough.

Will try in future versions look around this problem... and others the game have. The game is "crude" but playable. And I want to attempt, in the future, to convert it to "machine code", perhaps via a Basic compiler, to speed up things.

But now is time to try all the games people has submitted to this Jam! :D

Thanks for the feedback!


Good looking game, and it brings back memories, but I have to mash the buttons a whole lot before anything happens, especially on the local sector map. Which, by the way, should also tell me the economy type of neighboring systems, so I can make an informed decision as to what merchandise might bring me a profit. On the plus side, yay, no having to worry about the 7-light-year jump limit. Overall, an interesting mix of old and new -- just drop that animated crosshair cursor, please. :P