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Rating Entries

A topic by Gazzapper created Jun 19, 2017 Views: 114 Replies: 7
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It seems there is a problem with rating feature after I extended the deadline.

I have emailed support and once sorted I will allow some extra voting days for people to play and vote on other entries... 

Thanks to everyone for a great Speccy Game Jam...


Thanks for hosting - it was a lot of fun! And hard work. But mostly fun. :-)


You're welcome glad everyone had fun!


Voting is now open :)


I'm so pleased with third on my first ever entry to a jam.  Great stuff.  I didn't get around to voting on every entry (which I try to do in these situations for fairness) as real life got in the way, so thanks to those who voted for me.


Well Done to everyone that entered!!! Overall Winner is Break/Space!


Well done veryone! Some impressive games on here and I'm glad I got to be part of the fun. Sorry I didn't get around to vote, but the best game won in the end. Great work @Blerkotron! Thanks for hosting @Gazzapper!


Amazing, I'm genuinely staggered! Thanks to everyone who said nice things and/or voted, it really means a lot!

I'm currently working on an improved version which I'm hoping to compile for better speed. :-)