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Well done veryone! Some impressive games on here and I'm glad I got to be part of the fun. Sorry I didn't get around to vote, but the best game won in the end. Great work @Blerkotron! Thanks for hosting @Gazzapper!

Media menu, I didn't think to look there! I was hunting round the File menu. Thanks for the tip!

I'm on Fuse v1.3.5 and I don't seem to have an option for changing the file format for either snapshots or tape files. So I can save .SZX snapshots and .TZX tape files, but not .TAP, .Z80 or .SNA. Not to worry though, I can now save to tape which is progress :)

Thanks again!

Is anyone else developing on a Mac? I'm using Fuse which is working out well, but I can only save snapshots in .SZX format. So I have two questions: Is it okay to submit an entry as a .SZX file? Does anyone know how to record a tape file from Fuse for Mac? Thanks in advance for any help on this retro journey!

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I'll be attempting an arcade shooter, but early tests indicate I shouldn't expect a high frame rate or many moving characters on screen at once. Oh well, here goes!