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Speccy emulation on the Mac

A topic by xenopunk created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 130 Replies: 4
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Is anyone else developing on a Mac? I'm using Fuse which is working out well, but I can only save snapshots in .SZX format. So I have two questions: Is it okay to submit an entry as a .SZX file? Does anyone know how to record a tape file from Fuse for Mac? Thanks in advance for any help on this retro journey!


I'm on a Mac for this.  (using ZXSP and/or FUSE

On FUSE you can go to the MEDIA menu TAPE.  From here you a virtual tape deck that you'll be recording to.

In BASIC you'll SAVE "Name" LINE 10, and your basic program will be saved to tape, auto running from line 10.

Then in FUSE go to MEDIA>TAPE to save as .TZX, or .TAP file.

FUSE also supports saving of snapshots as .z80 and .sna files.


Media menu, I didn't think to look there! I was hunting round the File menu. Thanks for the tip!

I'm on Fuse v1.3.5 and I don't seem to have an option for changing the file format for either snapshots or tape files. So I can save .SZX snapshots and .TZX tape files, but not .TAP, .Z80 or .SNA. Not to worry though, I can now save to tape which is progress :)

Thanks again!


Thanks Uglifruit, for answering the MAC question! :)


I´m working on a Mac and on PC. Using BasinC on both. On Mac thanks to CrossOver to run BasinC and it runs smoothly.