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Everyone ready?

A topic by jsj created May 31, 2017 Views: 263 Replies: 9
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Just some hours for the compo to start.

My procedural algorithms are ready and hope to be capable to fit all in "only" 500 lines of code. 


I've been experimenting a bit. Think i've got a handle on it. MIght do a Strategy game.


I'm going to make an adventure game. Spent the last couple of days programming a test adventure (4 rooms, 2 monsters and 3 items). Some small adjustments are needed here and there, but it works and is playable to completion. Having done this test adventure will save me some time coding and will give me more time to design it!

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I'll be attempting an arcade shooter, but early tests indicate I shouldn't expect a high frame rate or many moving characters on screen at once. Oh well, here goes!


I have no idea what I want to make and I've never more than tinkered in BASIC of any flavour. But I do have a ZX Spectrum hooked up and ready to go in front of me and a programming manual for reference, so I'm ready to try! I won't get much time to work on the project so I'll probably start by going through some example games in books until I find something I think I could adapt.   


So far I haven't done any preparations apart from making sure BASin runs correctly under Wine and saves a file that works in FUSE. Hopefully nothing goes wrong...

As for the game, wow, y'all seem to have ambitious plans. Hopefully a clone of Hamurabi with some improvements won't make too bad an impression in comparison.

Good luck, everyone!

Hi all. So i'm working on Royal game of Ur, 4500 years old board game 😀 So far i have bord on screen, 2 player variant will be done by weekend and then the true fun start, making simple AI so you can play against computer or computer can play agains itself 😀


Look forward to playing it! :)


Good luck EVERYONE!!!

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My game is pretty laggy, but it wasn't useless experience to develop