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Thanks alot. No, it's not on the BBS yet. I never got round to finishing this up and uploading it. There were some missing features and I wanted to add the first quest book as pre-made levels too. One of these days i'll rework it though and put it up.

thanks. Yeah, I'll get a finished version of this done in the next couple months, I've got some fun ideas for it!

Thanks alot. Yeah, I had a rule to only use the brightest colours in the palette and to use less intuitive ones. 

Thanks alot! Yeah theres alot of ideas I had for this, I was planning on maybe having different time periods with Knight/Gangster/Space with a boss on each and yeah some collectibles of some sort. Also the Special power would have been different for each level. Obviously alot for a week jam but I'll finish it off in the next few months though

Cheers. Yeah, I'll deffo put a button swap in when I finish it!

Yeah, thanks. I'd definitely have put button swapping into the menu if i'd gotten round to completing it. I'll probly put some work into it in the next couple months to finish it off. You need enemies on the screen for the power to work, it's a bit ropey though.

Yeah, thanks. I did know about this one but I didn't get round to fixing it

Thanks. I'll have to take another swing at this in the future. It was pretty good, but I didn't have time in the 7 days to really tweak it and get the content in

Thanks alot! I'm definitely going to go back in and do a full fledged version soon, I had alot of ideas for this and not enough time during the jam. If I get the pico8 version where I want it might even do a love2D or a NES port.

Cheers. Yeah, I'll get the windows build sorted soon.

NIce work! 

Hey great stuff. Really dig the art, especially the whale at the end. I got the bad ending but i'll definitly give it another go.

Good stuff! Interesting to see bitsy used in a different way. I also like the theme wordplay! 

Very good! Really liked the music choices for the seasons. The footprints in the snow was a very good idea too. 

Awesome! Yeah I just saw this on twitter. Love this mag too, so really cool to get a mention. Thanks for the post!

Cheers! Yeah, turning worked better, but I put in a back punch that screwed the controls up a bit! I'll probly do another update soon that should fix it and a few other problems. And i'll put out a nice post-jam version at some point, re-write the code and add a few more moves. 

Cheers. First person to mention the Frogger lives too! I was going to do pac-man lives, but 8x8 was a little too small. 

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Added hit sprites.
Added 1 music track (More to come)
Fiddled with sfx a bit
Improved Ron-Bots dmg and shot animation.

Fixed another 2 player bug when 1st player dies.
Fixed tag-in bug after dying.

Ok. Had to turn off windows defender in the end as it still wouldn't open the file. Worth the effort though, Great stuff!

My computer seems pretty insistent that it doesn't want to download this file. I think because its an .exe file?  Think you could upload a zipped version ? I think that would solve it... I really wanted to play this game!


 Fixed continue bug where level auto clears after continuing
 Fixed stuck continue msg. 
 Fixed Negative health bar on enemies.
 Fixed 2 player bug when 1st player dies.
 Fixed Ron-Bot ai bug (maybe)
 Added a short invunerablitly to enemies after falling.
 Added stop/go staggering to stop people running through the level.


Cheers hopefully fixed that. I've changed the scroll in this update too, which makes the jump a little less jerky. 

Ok, nother update. So got the vehicle level rolling, knife throwing ninjas, few other tweaks. Pretty much done apart from some music... 

'nother update. Got enemy drops, level transitions, continues and a few tweaks.

Great stuff! Looks like you had fun even though you got killed alot... Its good to see someone play these things as they don't really get play tested. Whenever I watch these things it highlights two probs I have as a dev. First my assumptions that anyone playing them has played the same games I have. Like Rolling Thunder (which the gameplay of this is loosely based on). And second that its easier for the dev to beat the game than someone who didn't design it! Anyway this still needs alot of work, hopefully finish off the update this month. Cheers for playing!

Got the first update sorted for this... changed some of the sfx, fixed some of the probs with the Ron-Bot boss, hopefully. Added some message windows for boss dialogue. I'll do another tonight and hopefully a fully fixed version by tommorow night. 

(1 edit)

Cheers. The ron-bot is on almost every level 'cause he's the only boss I managed to complete on time... You have to fly kick him in the head, but its unclear til I add the feedback to it. I'll have an update today and and another tommorow that'll balance the whole thing up a bit more.

Cheers. Yeah i've got a continues system to put in. Aswell as alot of other stuff! Should have a reasonably complete update by monday afternoon.

You need to fly kick him in the head. I need to add some feedback to it. Health bar and some more fx. But ran out of time. There's quite a bit missing at the moment! Hopefully update tomorrow morning. Cheers!

Cheers. Yeah it turned out pretty well!

Cheers. Yeah shotguns are definitely on the board for this.  He is a little slow but I sorta wanted to get that Lee Marvin in Point Blank storming down the hall after revenge. There was some story elements that would probably add to that but I was struggling to get them right on time. 

Good stuff! NIce variations on the level designs. Really liked the little details, like the flashing monitors and hi-tech doo-hickeys. Its also cool that the larger size animals weigh you down more. Them beats are nice too. I find myself nodding along. 

Never stagedived before, as despite having gotten on many stages, I'm too much of a giant that I always fear crushing people, or the crowd parting to leave me crashing to the sticky venue floor. I'm glad that I played this game then. Which gave me all the thrills of jumping on a crowd of people without the risk. I feel like i've lived a full life now.

Good stuff. Really quite effectively creepy for such a simple game. I think the music does it and the sort of abstract tone. Liking the blood splattered white trees. I liked the baddies. I couldn't work out what they were, which actually lent to their creepiness even more. 

Enjoyed this. Blowing up barrels is very satisfying.  Like the big GO! on level one... Rather Bubble Bobble-esque I thought.

Enjoyed this. Mechanic works well. I found myself manically mining blue rocks for energy while angry squids ran about everywhere. Love the floating brain sprite too.