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Cheers. Yeah it turned out pretty well!

Cheers. Yeah shotguns are definitely on the board for this.  He is a little slow but I sorta wanted to get that Lee Marvin in Point Blank storming down the hall after revenge. There was some story elements that would probably add to that but I was struggling to get them right on time. 

Good stuff! NIce variations on the level designs. Really liked the little details, like the flashing monitors and hi-tech doo-hickeys. Its also cool that the larger size animals weigh you down more. Them beats are nice too. I find myself nodding along. 

Never stagedived before, as despite having gotten on many stages, I'm too much of a giant that I always fear crushing people, or the crowd parting to leave me crashing to the sticky venue floor. I'm glad that I played this game then. Which gave me all the thrills of jumping on a crowd of people without the risk. I feel like i've lived a full life now.

Good stuff. Really quite effectively creepy for such a simple game. I think the music does it and the sort of abstract tone. Liking the blood splattered white trees. I liked the baddies. I couldn't work out what they were, which actually lent to their creepiness even more. 

Enjoyed this. Blowing up barrels is very satisfying.  Like the big GO! on level one... Rather Bubble Bobble-esque I thought.

Enjoyed this. Mechanic works well. I found myself manically mining blue rocks for energy while angry squids ran about everywhere. Love the floating brain sprite too.

Enjoyed this. Nice graphics. It reminds me a bit of the Haunting on the Megadrive.  

Thanks. Yeah im going to fix them baddies and a buncha other stuff when i get round to updating this. 

Thanks didn't have as much time to work on it this week as I'd have liked but it turned out ok.

Enjoyed this. Nice sprites and I really liked the bubble blowing mechanics. 

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play online here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=30755

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Oops. Didn't spot that huge A/Attack flaw somehow. I did try to make sure I erased those tail ends of previous strings. I wasn't doing any screen refreshes though so  missed a few here and there.  I got to a point in this where I could see all the flaws in the UI but my code was such a heap of mess I was finding it hard to re-arrange things. I may in the coming year start from scratch and get a decent version going. Cheers for the feedback!

Doing something about a roof garden in a tower block, you sort of grow stuff to help out the residents. In gameboy color style because i've been playing that recently and love the palette. The growing mechanics will be a bit like  Harvest Moon I think.

Yeah I love that high contrast look. The UI is a bit unfriendly. I needed to put some messages in to give feedback but ran out of time so just stuck some noises in. I think the problem in the vid is you're mage ran out of moves. So couldn't go to the next tile. You can notice the mage has mov:0. But needed a "Out of moves" string really.

True. Though maybe i'll put a nice little tune in instead. Could probly do a bit of optimisation to get the map loading faster too, now i'm not in such a hurry.

The map was loading so slow I thought insanity might be preferable to boredom. I admit... I just yanked the speed up on my emulator to get the map printed out quick.

Spent the day fixing hideous bugs and putting in some sound. Just about finished it. That was fun. The map loads really slowly. I've been yanking up the cpu speed for testing and kind of forgot. I put some beeps in though to make it a bit more of a interesting wait.

HA and the reverse is a nice victory sound too!

OH yes thats a lovely sound!

OK Cheers i'll give that a go

Does anyone know what a good BEEP combination is for a sort of "you can't do that" sound?

Haven't touched it for 4 days, with politics and various commitments getting in the way...  And for some reason I thought we had til friday. Got a few hours in today though, cutting some planned features and hopefully be ready in time. 

Doing the exact same thing. I'm also doing smaller experiments direct into ZXSPin with help from the SE Basic Rom feature, which lets you type everything directly. Its funny when you make a mistake in the code that the compiler doesn't catch and try to run it and get the error "Nonsense in Basic". ZX Basic doesn't pull any punches!   

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I've been experimenting a bit. Think i've got a handle on it. MIght do a Strategy game.

This looks fun. I use to program little 'Choose your own Adventure' style games in BASIC when I was a kid on my 48k. Mainly learning from the magazine type ins. I picked up a ZX81 Basic book at a charity shop last year and have finally gotten round to reading it this afternoon in preperation for the Jam. Though I'll probly do the game with the 48k in mind as thats the spectrum that I'm fondest of. I actualy learnt machine code a couple years ago with a mind to programming a speccy game but never got round to it. I think doing it in BASIC sounds alot more fun though.